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Labor bureaucracy gets in on the Aesopian junk

August 7, 2010

I don’t want to say we at MIM never get support from any labor aristocracy, gender aristocracy or the bureaucrats that represent them. Nothing is ever 100% pure, even as we generalize that those social groups are generally reactionary. The international proletariat is not pure in its thinking either, or the whole struggle against imperialism would have finished long ago.

Two unions have been having battles with a third union, the SEIU of my lyncher #2’s fame (and by the way, I myself worked for ACORN once). The UFW and UNITE-HERE are calling for unity with SEIU and transcending the mess Andy Stern left.

UNITE-HERE has fought a battle with SEIU that the labor bureaucracy is painting as a defeat for outgoing SEIU chief Andy Stern. “Beyond Chron” San Francisco’s “Alternative Online Daily” shows a new truce with SEIU and the UNITE-HERE paper-shufflers getting tens of millions of dollars in property back from SEIU, thanks to an agreement with Mary Kay Henry.

“Of all the boneheaded moves that came to typify Andy Stern’s last two years, none surpasses his belief that UNITE HERE would respond to SEIU’s raids on its members by quickly calling uncle.”

It turns out that UNITE-HERE organizers claim to have had physical threats from SEIU going back to 1989.

It appears that the writers covering the labor bureaucracy struggle understand very well what MIM has said about a lynching conducted to support the Afghan war. “One could say that Henry had the political courage to do what Barack Obama has failed to deliver in Afghanistan, which is to withdraw from their predecessor’s misguided conflict. SEIU cannot be happy with the exact terms of the deal, but Henry made her allies happy by getting it done.”

MIM has also seen signs in New York that the labor bureaucracy increasingly understands that diplomacy-as-usual costs people who have nothing to do with the stodginess of diplomacy leading to war.

People who know MIM understand we do not cater to any labor bureaucrats, but when one pulls a tight line, class struggle happens and people have to take sides. The way we think of it theoretically is that by allying with the international proletariat first, and the national bourgeoisie second, the bourgeois internationalists start to notice and then in turn some of the imperialist country labor bureaucrats also take note.

Probably some labor bureaucrats get Russian money, others Chinese. In any case, whatever the real underlying situation, the labor bureaucracy has demonstrated a metaphorical understanding of the spy situation in my life including that it looks like SEIU got itself woven right in among federal spies, indistinguishably, politically-speaking. I hope some labor bureaucrats can win by purging themselves of Alinskyism.

Ironically, members of both the investor class and the labor bureaucracies can see that money is going to waste on wars carried out because of the federal government’s unwillingness to go to the all-out diplomacy that MIM has come to represent — if only for heuristic purposes right now. Currently, the federal government and die-hard Democrats are active in throwing up all kinds of COINTELPRO junk in our faces.

On the need for unblocking diplomacy, fiscally conservative tax-cutters and portions of the labor movement can agree. When the politicians are gutless, it’s not just the 19-year-olds sent to fight in the developing countries who pay.

I have to express gratitude to anyone has bothered to pay attention to what I’ve been saying.