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August 7, 2010

This is a deep movie and deserves credit for that. However, I would say it prepares the superstructure for Obama’s continued rule.

When the movie is all-said-and-done, an East Asian man completes a brainwashing scheme to help compete with an energy company owned by a white man. However, we can be pretty sure the movie is not talking about Cheney’s company or Bush’s, and that is what makes the movie negative. On the plus side, with most of the characters white, the racial danger is often softened for most of the global audience. White characters help both sides of the struggle in the plot.

Various agents go on a mission of dreaming three dreams at once. One ends up going for four dreams at once.

The positive aspect of “Inception” is the constant struggle between reality and dreams. Characters have to check on reality at all times and struggle to arrive at wakefulness. As such, “Inception” is a good metaphor for the haze of espionage and counter-espionage struggles.

In MIM’s case, there are the lowly Democratic activists who believe they did one thing innocently. There is another layer where some Democrats know they did not campaign innocently but still support lynching. Then there is the foreign element as another layer and back up a few years and there is another layer.

“Inception” may have a little of the post-911 disease. It’s not carrying around a talisman that keeps a persyn real. Certain events cannot cause certain others and there is also the matter of watching who benefits.

  • How did I force Obama to say “uncle”? I could not.
  • How did I force anyone to start the careers they did in the plot? I did not. On this it’s a question of doing one’s homework. One either understands the payouts or one does not.
  • Can you think of anything I would not have done if I were campaigning the way Obamautons say?

    Angelina Jolie’s “SALT” movie also handles the plot within the plot idea and does it better. It’s inescapable that various Soviet operations have upended around the world, and not just within U.$. borders. In simplified form, one agent kills others. In one situation, one kills pretty much the whole National Security Council. Being right about reality is important to plots within plots in “SALT” as in “Inception.”