Other lynchers

Contrary to the claims of the guardians of political correctness who have turned pc into a new gender role, I have been stalked more than 99.9% of Western females. Princess Di had it worse, but at least in her case she was paid to be a celebrity by her government.

It’s not that I have only had three lynchers. There have been admissions about others, but for various reasons I do not emphasize them. Some have not played their role in the extortion conspiracy and may not have to if the other three lynchers are defeated first. It’s best to let them pass through all this quietly while the general overall picture is established.

The media being sick with pornography profit fever, if one talks about someone who undertook some skullduggery, there will be the temptation to sell some tabloid, books or movies about such a persyn. So I have to reserve the right to talk about other lynchers, but if possible it’s best to avoid it.

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