Lyncher #3

No one has told me or asked me directly about sexual misconduct with lyncher #3, but lynching still works that way in Amerikkka. There are rumors.

Lyncher #3 was expected by me during the campaign season in 2008, long after I had started blogging about people approaching me in restaurants and cafes in Harvard Square in 2007–just for the purposes of creating scandals. It was the point in the campaign season where Obama had established himself and one could expect that I would be approached.

Lyncher #3 found me at a bar that people who had me under surveillance knew about. After downing quite a bit of beer, she came over to my house and downed another bottle. At the bar she told me she wanted to support Obama, so I heard her out.

When at my house, she indicated that she was aware of all types of surveillance of me by referring to it. She knew of my recent emails and tried to draw my attention to potential money as if it were from Elton John’s fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

Later she just came out and insisted that I meet her college “theater instructor” supposedly from decades ago, a “Mark Fenn.”

I only had one date with lyncher #3. That’s all it takes for a bunch of rumors now.

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