Lyncher #2

Lyncher #2 is a white female sent to infiltrate the MIM. She worked for the service union SEIU and provided false identification.

According to Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, Obama first broke ranks in seeking union endorsements against Clinton in 2008 with the SEIU. (The Audacity to Win, NY: Viking, 2009, p. 46) Sure enough the event he attended in Nevada was about healthcare.

I have yet to hear directly that lyncher #2 charged me with any sexual misconduct, but the day she was purged she suddenly became interested in whether prostitution was a good way to make money. Her intent was to collect an electoral card, not follow in the footsteps of Huey Newton.

She also gave the Avakkkianites false information leaked only to her.

Various New Right activists have figured this out and ACORN lost its funding in a sting similar to what lyncher #2 tried to pull on MIM. In the sting, journalists showed that ACORN would give advice not just to adult prostitutes but child prostitutes on how to conduct their business and evade taxes.

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      […] unions have been having battles with a third union, the SEIU of my lyncher #2′s fame (and by the way, I myself worked for ACORN once). The UFW and UNITE-HERE are calling for unity […]

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