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New website

August 13, 2010

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m trying to restore the previous website
at the

There’s been some limited progress.


On break

August 2, 2010

I’m on break.

P.S. Boston and Los Angeles were too good, so I thought it was great that LeBron James and Chris Bosh started an anti-dynasty movement in Miami. Who needs another ring in Boston, L.A. or Chicago?

Then Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley made good points, that two MVPs on one team is almost cheating.

LeBron James and Barkley can’t both be right.

Maybe I always agree with the guys my age. Favre is still in the news. I love cheese and at the same time try to go on a diet, but cheese is really enslavement of animals like the vegans say and sometimes we should just leave a whole era behind for the benefit of the environment for younger players that need a chance, even if a whole state will be less famous for a while until the new players get going. Favre made his bucks and now some other folks need jobs! That would be an example of a cultural change.

Wow it’s easy to get worked up about sports, so we should try not to get stuck on the trees like Barkley and appreciate the whole forest.

Anti-Semitism today

July 21, 2010

Just as any analysis of structure is interested in patterns of power reinforcing class, nation and gender oppression, so too we should not get stuck on mere ethnic tastes in analyzing I$rael’s conflicts. The reality is that I$rael has the upper-hand in power over its immediate neighbors and hence a case of anti-Semitism in the conflicts of people poorer and less equipped militarily is impossible to make.

On our website that the Pentagon organized a pseudo-left to take down, we had an article explaining the Hitler phenomenon differently than anyone else. Our thesis was that Germans were already heavily influenced by its labor aristocracy and had no capacity for building socialism after World War II. The first stage of struggle was de-lousing and we credited Stalin for seeing to reparations, but we can see with East Germany that socialism was not really on the agenda. Arrogance toward other peoples had deep economic roots and the real movement was toward joining with U.$. exploitation of the world, not an excitement for building socialism. Within the parasitism of Germany, the Hitler strategy succeeded because Hitler put his finger on exploitation in a scapegoating way while leaving the German nation clean.

Although many believe that Hitler cannot happen again, and in certain salient aspects that must always be true of immense historical figures, certain patterns key to Hitler’s success have already been replicated in the West. As a political leadership question the soft-headedness of academia is key. That soft-headedness has allowed it to replace the exploitation done by the Amerikan petty-bourgeoisie of the world with the relative deficit of the petty-bourgeoisie within the U.$. society.

In any society, there is always a higher and lower until we reach communism. Hence, any global exploitation can be hidden by a game of “keep up with the Joneses” within a country. That is the game of nationalism. Hitler’s attack on Jews was fierce and it had only a somewhat less fierce nationalism behind it. The attack on the one (Jews) took advantage of an implicit position on the other (Germans as a whole).

Farcically, we have now had what many are calling our second depression to follow up the World War II depression that brought Hitler. Yet, our media — and let us admit fully that the U.$. media is disproportionately Jewish like the colleges that journalists come from — the U.$. media did the same thing as what we saw in Weimar Germany. Instead of covering exploitation in a thorough-going way before the crisis and perhaps pre-empting it, instead of taking MIM seriously when it pointed out that the growth in home equity was worth the salaries of decades of work of the international proletariat per Amerikan and instead of admitting that there was a MIM that predicted this and only this economic crisis, the media jumped on Bernie Madoff to make up for prior sins of omission in the class struggle.

Madoff is Jewish and hence MIM indicts the U.$. media for anti-Semitism via economic scapegoating. What is true of Madoff is true of the whole U.$. economy.

True, Madoff is very powerful and Jews ARE exploiters, as a rule. So one may think it is impossible to be anti-Semitic. However, the Palestinian bourgeoisie IS proof that it is possible to exert a pattern of power against exploiters in an oppressive way. The Palestinian bourgeoisie in the Gaza Strip has less market access than the Amerikan lumpenproletariat. That is how we know that the Palestinian revolution has to go through a national democratic stage or possibly have that stage imposed from the outside by a joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations. I$raelis should not control the Palestinian state without giving them the vote or a separate state.

There is no way out for the Jews. Within capitalism, they will always be a minority of the minority–the exploiters. Getting together in I$rael relieved the difficulty of facing off against a German majority, but now neighbors outnumber it–and the class gap is still there.

Marx said it before MIM, but, and as Hitler was so concerned, internationalism is the way out for the Jews. Scapegoating of Jews is not the same thing as national oppression of Palestinians today or even Blacks in the U.$. South under Jim Crow.

When Jews qua exploiters act, they must face off against the Third World proletariat and thus engender anti-internationalist themes. Jews cannot fantasize like the Anglo-Saxon bourgeoisie that they could just so happen to be the able exploiters numerous enough to run the lives of all the Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.

When Jews qua Jews act, they are as a minority within the minority of exploiters. In line with what we say about class, nation and gender, MIM’s contention is that anti-Semitism in the current context only occurs within that minority of a minority context, because an element of power is necessary for anti-Semitism. What happened to Bernie Madoff is anti-Semitic scapegoating. What we need instead is a crackdown on a whole capitalist class. In this way the Jews will be remade as a people, stripped of their quality as exploiters. No longer exploiters, they will not be opposed by the global majority and they will not be scapegoated by other exploiters.

Taste vs. power

July 21, 2010

In the United $tates, the cheapest way to live is cooking macaroni and cheese out of a box and dining out at “Taco Bell.”

I used to eat that way, but at the end of college, bourgeoisification got the better of me and I diversified into bourgeois tastes from other countries. Yet I would never say that my eating habits were any indication of my political correctness one way or another. If I were R¢P, I’m sure I’d say I started out proletarian and shifted to become more internationalist in my food tastes. That would be nonsense.

We never hear that “classism” is abandoning the taste for Kraft cheese for the fare typically reviewed in restaurant reviews. The “-isms” that interest scientific communists only involve large-scale patterns of power. Those -isms are imperialism, capitalism, neo-colonialism, racism and sexism. We do not even say “classism” very much and the reason is that there is a wide acceptance that Marx put class on a scientific basis with terms like “exploitation” and “capitalism.” Such terms are clearly not about individual tastes and so it is with any important subject: it takes more than n=1, even more than n=30.

The people stuck arguing at the individual taste level are pre-scientific, and constitute the backbone of both fascist and Liberal political classes.

In order to cover up for an oppressive power structure, the Weimar Liberal denies the existence of patterns of power and puts the focus on taste. The Liberal intends no solution to any problem, but through a corrosive process of thought, clears the way for fascism.

It is unlikely that the gender bureaucrat who came up with the idea that 31% of South African males are rapists intended fascism, despite the long history of fascism oppressing South Africans. These types of figures come from thoughtless bureaucrats paid by an NGO-academia-police-administration-media political class of Liberalism. The number is big enough to indicate concern for the group of females and grab a headline in a pornographic way, but not small enough to be actionable. That’s what fascists love about Weimar Liberals. The next step is fascist scapegoating, not revolution.

A consistent Weimar Liberalism would find the U.$. media “classist” for its restaurant reviews and glorification of rich people’s architecture. Then too, the disproportionate share of coverage of classical music and ballets would be classist and sexist. The theater and ballet are now and in the past the leisure pursuits of the gender privileged, as MIM defined gender.

That’s just what a consistent Weimar Liberalism would find. What we end up getting in the media taste-wise is there because of a concentration of economic power.

When it comes to class, nation and gender, no one in the world lives in communism. One should beware the pre-scientific waving of the flag of nation, class and gender against the scientific communists.

Harvard error

July 19, 2010

Harvard, you should not copyright material that would have to be turned over to the federal government for overhead expense purposes anyway. You just endanger the Harvard community via opportunists that way.

Lyncher #1 update

July 12, 2010

I find it unlikely that lyncher #1 has anything important to say in a racial dialogue. Rumors from more than one source say she is not totally oblivious, but there is a difference between realizing the stress of your plan not working and not being oblivious about race.

If I see lyncher #1 admit to racial things that have already been discussed, then I’ll remind her of some more things that have not been discussed. I don’t see any point in that we have already seen that these people change their stories continuously, lie and only use Aesopian discussion toward that end.

The media if it were not eighth-assed would have covered certain issues that they could verify themselves, and so I see no point in negotiating via media unless I see some productive action from lyncher #1.

See our web page on the one I call “lyncher #1”

The headline truth fit to print

July 11, 2010

Jilted newspaper purged for homophobia wins prize while conducting racist gang-rape

Democratic Party claims itself victim of cheating spouse

But newspaper did not support monogamy

(HP)–A newspaper supporting Barack Obama for president promised judging jobs to political activists engaged in a gang rape in 2008.

Democratic Party partisans defended themselves by pointing to other Democrats cheating on Democrats.

A rape victims’ advocate pointed out that rape is a crime of control.

Again on lynching pile-on extortion

July 8, 2010

Nothing could be more obvious than that the Democrats are setting out to Willie Hortonize me, as I have warned on websites several times since 2007. The more they work at it, the deeper they get into criminal conspiratorial territory. The only thing they are going to do is prove that they are conducting a textbook extortion conspiracy and third party infiltration gambit, that always requires an extortion conspiracy on the side.

Their conspiracy is stupid and evil on many levels. First, they expect just because the public has never heard of me except at MIM, that they can determine the timing of their public lynching accusations, as if accusations against me are “new” or never heard of before. Ridiculous. That idea has been shot down by the fact that I told people, in conditions approaching “live” that the Democrats, U.$. and foreign secret services were sending females against me for the purposes of inventing scandals. In a brief period including in 2007, I proved right. It’s not me the journalist being stung. It’s the desperate conspirators.

Secondly, even if the racist extremists and Republicrat die-hards did confuse the public into believing I was all that they claimed, it would not make me worse than convicted murderer-rapist Willie Horton, status-wise. The press slammed George W. Bush for using Willie Horton as a campaign item in 1988.

That is why I say I want to see these White House related issues cards played as issues to honor the Palestinian diplomacy process, promptly. The I$raelis and Amerikans are prompt about war and supplying war against the Palestinians. They’re not as good at promptly honoring diplomatic cards, which is why we are in the conflicts we are in to begin with.

Golden rule internationalism and suicide bombing

June 24, 2010

Folklore has it that Jesus Christ was a Jew and his second coming is due to liberate the people of Palestine. 41% of Amerikans believe that Jesus will show up again and be known by 2050.(1)

Noam Chomsky fits the bill. MIM has spoken of his Golden Rule internationalism before. “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself” is Chomsky’s implicit version of internationalism. For most questions of imperialist oppression, Chomsky’s approximation of internationalism is fine by MIM.

I have persynally witnessed Chomsky formally cast out of the Jewish community by fellow Jews for his remarks on Palestine at a Brandeis University speech. I$rael also prevented him from entering and making a speech recently.

At MIM, we say that internationalism emerges better from scientific practice than the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule may work with many people to approximate a correct path forward, but there are always the cases of people we would not want to give that much trust.

For example, in World War II, Germans could have decided to suicide bomb the Jews to death, in a total genocide. There is nothing in the Golden Rule against that. Hence, it would be better to go more deeply into social questions and see if we can find a better path than the Golden Rule.

The response to genocide becomes a competitive fascism or nationalism or Liberalism. Competitive fascism would just be “no, we will suicide bomb you to death first.” Another approach would be to keep the golden rule but say it only applies within the chosen nation, Aryan or Jew for example. Finally, Liberalism with its double standards or multi-standards is another way to fudge the issue.

The beauty of the Golden Rule is that it applied to the whole planet. It also has an inherent Protestant spin, because it eliminates the church hierarchy in making decisions.

For MIM, there is no “Islamo-fascism” yet, because of class issues. There is no Islamic imperialism. Germany and Italy had reached the finance stage of capitalism so bedeviling the planet right now with its derivatives, currency speculation and Ponzi schemes. It would not be an Iran causing a Great Depression, but no one doubts that the United $tates is of that economic nature where it could cause a global depression. Even little Switzerland or Luxembourg with their banks could cause a global collapse. Recently, Hillary Clinton was also right in pointing out the threat to the entire planet by global warming, which may end up killing far more people than World War II.

Scientific internationalism emerges from scientific practice. We cannot have counts that vary by nation or other subjective boundary. So if a ton of carbon goes into the atmosphere in the United $tates it has to count equally as a ton in Switzerland. If local customs cause a scientist to count the Swiss ton as two tons strictly for Amerikkkan nationalist reasons, then science goes out the window. We also won’t be able to tell what methods work best for reducing carbon emissions without scientific internationalism. What we want to do is measure emissions per capita to come to a global standard.

In another article, I showed that the Amerikkkan neo-conservatives have written entire books saying that children born out-of-wedlock is the number one issue of Amerika. In both Korea and Iran, the out-of-wedlock birth rate would be around 1% compared with the U.$. 40% rate. Yet it is Iran that the same neo-conservatives have called for attacks on.

If out-of-wedlock births is the issue, then neo-conservatives would be better off having Iran impose its culture on the United $tates than the other way around. The only way out is to count every Iranian out-of-wedlock birth as 50 out-of-wedlock births, a nationalist distortion of the facts. So that’s why I say internationalism flows from scientific practice, scientific integrity.

I’ve already discussed how “hypocrisy” is an over-used concept unfit for scientific usage. It drifted far from its original usage. We should not refer to the neo-conservatives as “hypocrites” for wanting to attack Iran while having a higher out-of-wedlock birthrate in the United $tates. Rather we say the neo-conservatives are unscientific, self-contradicting and lacking in internationalism.

If we listen carefully to fascists, they will say “good, science and internationalism are not desirable.” In the end, we would say that Chomsky is as far left as one can go within the left-wing of parasitism. I have not seen him take up scientific work on class, and without that it’s pretty hard to be a real left-winger. Even on a pre-Marxist basis, I have not seen the left-wing of parasitism acknowledge the meaning of the U.$. trade deficits or government deficits run decades at a time. This resistance to Marxist science on labor appropriation and accumulation is fatal to leftist advance.

Noam Chomsky is also famous for opposing behaviorism.
I recently wrote how psychology distracts too many people and creates openings for fascism. The irrationality of ad hominem thought pervades Amerika and so we need more Pavlov and behaviorism.

Instead of concepts like the Golden Rule or “hypocrisy,” we should choose the communist goal of harmony and measure progress toward it. Readers will notice that when I argued with neo-conservatives, I did not have to question their goal, as long as it was not a nationalist or other parochial goal–something like the Aryan idea or an inaccessible spiritual idea. The neo-conservatives have argued that without intact families, children will be out of discipline; education standards will fall and crime will increase. We can take that idea and say “fine, then the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations is what you want; help MIM impose it.” Less Hollywood and U.$. media and more Egypt would do the trick.

I did not argue pre-scientifically with the neo-conservatives on why they placed so much emphasis on out-of-wedlock births. “God, family and country” have been conservative mantras for centuries now. I just asked “if that’s your goal, why do you neo-conservatives want to attack Iran?”

At the moment, class overlaps with nation in dangerous ways. The way out is for the imperialist nations to surrender. They are the 10% against the global 90%. Even with the Golden Rule we cannot rule out suicide bombing, so we need to go into the causes of violence.


Racism and the question of Jacobin virtue in lyncher #1

June 22, 2010

Just a quick note–some believe that because my lyncher number one was working to protect the Democratic Party from the radicalism of MIM, she exhibited “virtue.” That is the overarching problem, that people will do anything to support the Democratic Party, and that the Democratic Party has great racist extremism going on.

Thus a shoving incident involving Young Mi Kim counts against Republican Meg Whitman,(1) while the Democrats do not report the much more serious activity involving lynching to obtain the presidency, coattails in Congress and the healthcare bill. Meg Whitman is not going to obtain the governorship by shoving any Kims. She is being punished for it publicly. Obama has rewarded lynching on a huge scale, so huge that it is guaranteed to generate many future lynchings.

There is an additional issue with my lyncher #1 in that some people act as if it were a successful third party infiltration gambit, and thus not just MIM but my lyncher has Jacobin virtue. However, the infiltration was not successful. It’s just the wishfulness of racist Democrats asserting otherwise. To have a successful infiltration gambit and not just another link into the system where people end up in hock to the people one is allegedly fighting, the following must be true.

  • The opposing campaign party must not know.
  • The opposing secret services must not be involved or know.
  • The mafia must not get involved and make use of the infiltration to weave its own story.

    If these conditions do not apply, one ends up in hock to the people who know what is happening.

    The “CP=U$A” and “RCP=CIA” would like to believe that the infiltration involved a foreign secret service and that the job was successful. The “CP” supports Obama openly and the “RCP” only covertly, but they both tend to believe what they wish were true instead of what actually happened.

    The following was in fact the case.

  • Republican campaign writers already addressed the gambit in-between-the-lines in their publications by the late 1990s.
  • The CIA was on the scene immediately before and after the lynching.
  • My lyncher #1 was linked to various military intelligence people.
  • I showed the lynch mob years before 2008’s campaign that these intelligence penetrations had in fact happened.

    That’s to leave aside that to even entertain the Avakian-CP thesis, one has to put aside all surface appearances in which the whole thing was a U.$. federal government counter-terrorism operation.

    At this point, the CIA has demonstrated to me that it knows more about my ex-girlfriends than I do. People living in denial of the spy-prison-state that the United $tates is would like to believe that I lived in free conditions and that some racist extremist could come along and lynch me and herself into office. It was not like that. The Kremlin has been so decent as to acknowledge that at the very least the CIA was on the scene before and after the lynching. Others have raised the question of the military intelligence people in-between. In practice, the Kremlin and those honest about military intelligence are closer to being Leninist than these “CP” and “RCP” types mouthing obeisance to Lenin but in practice in denial about the extent of the state and its abuses.

    The idea that one could be politically quarter-assed and carry out a lynching gambit like this in any Jacobin fashion is ludicrous but appealing to those who do not want to do the hard work of political organizing. Just accuse someone and wait 20 years for a reward–much easier.