I am Henry Park, the most-read communist author of the English language in the last two decades according to statistics on Alexa, the third party web traffic monitor that monitored my website before the Obamautons took it down.

This web page is to defend the leaders of ex-MIM, the Maoist Internationalist Movement, people who continue on the course of the anti-war and anti-imperialist struggles. Although the MIM went defunct, various imperialists still feel threatened by ex-MIM people because of their knowledge. Since MIM went defunct, ex-MIM people have tried to make new political friends, but in the main outlines, it does not appear that we have been successful so far.

  • MIM work continues.
  • See a MIM FAQ page.

    Although MIM earlier answered emails in the thousands, we no longer undertake that practice for security reasons. Comrades need to work independently on their own, at arms-length at this time. Exceptions are being made for the elderly and members of governments, none of which are in the open supporting MIM at this time either. In recent years, MIM’s enemies have used the email to send MIM elaborate threats and also to turn over information about supporters to the imperialists. The balance between public discussion and security ended up disrupted. This may be difficult for middle-class people of little experience in politics to understand.

  • Again on my “credibility”
  • See a web page on the lynching of MIM’s founder

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