“Red” due out October 15

I have thought of three reasons for an incorrect approach to “two-line struggle.” First, some have it both ways by sending people to both sides of a cause, because they are CIA spying. Secondly, some set up career networks, spying or otherwise. Thirdly, there is the petty-bourgeoisie infecting the communist movement with a have-it-both ways approach.

Now apparently, MIM fans will have to take into account another possibility — that the CIA has internal demographic conflict. There has been much hiring in the intelligence community since 9/11. The “Red” movie trailer suggests that sometimes the CIA actually has real conflicts within.

In my situation there has to be some truth to that, because I’m reviewing history of the Cold War and the Mideast, not just the last 10 years, which taken alone are misleading.

October 15 is the birthdate of the Black Panther Party in 1966 and so we are on the look out for political significance in another upcoming Hollywood movie.

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