Back on break

I’m going back on break after that brief flurry of articles.

People who know me well understand that I liked role-playing games somewhat in my 20s and almost not at all now. It’s not a good idea to pitch me a role and hope that I bite. I prefer strategy games.

Increasingly I believe that key people understand my position and use it to compare notes. As someone not in an official role, I feel that there is often an ethical problem in my partaking in short-run politics and following diplomacy. Although I believe I am a more transparent writer than anyone else available in comparable position, the short-run questions also damage my writing occasionally, from an analysis mistake or opaqueness.

At this point, I believe that even my strategic thinking of the next few months may be clear to those that need to know.

I hope I am wrong, and it certainly won’t be up to me, but it seems that Obama will turn down the huge peace package and domestic deal he has had a chance to take. I am far from an expert on diplomacy and only ended up thrown into a vacuum by conspirators, but it’s clear that the Alinskyite and former New Left movements do not show much influence of diplomatic thinking and know even less. We seem to lack the key constituencies to provide political battle on behalf of diplomacy. Once again, I hope I’m wrong.

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