On break

I’m on break.

P.S. Boston and Los Angeles were too good, so I thought it was great that LeBron James and Chris Bosh started an anti-dynasty movement in Miami. Who needs another ring in Boston, L.A. or Chicago?

Then Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley made good points, that two MVPs on one team is almost cheating.

LeBron James and Barkley can’t both be right.

Maybe I always agree with the guys my age. Favre is still in the news. I love cheese and at the same time try to go on a diet, but cheese is really enslavement of animals like the vegans say and sometimes we should just leave a whole era behind for the benefit of the environment for younger players that need a chance, even if a whole state will be less famous for a while until the new players get going. Favre made his bucks and now some other folks need jobs! That would be an example of a cultural change.

Wow it’s easy to get worked up about sports, so we should try not to get stuck on the trees like Barkley and appreciate the whole forest.


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