Aesopian notes

  • I don’t interpret David Hoffman’s piece in “Foreign Policy” as saying to trade a campaign chip for a change in foreign relations. If any imperialist ever did that, the proper response is always to tell the imperialists, “and that proves you are not serious. Come back when you are done pandering to the labor aristocracy, labor bureaucracy, gender aristocracy and gender bureaucracy of the United $tates, because you know those social groups have no road forward for the planet; whereas, the national bourgeoisie finds bourgeois internationalism at least somewhat attractive and the international proletariat has no interest in military contracts, intra-proletarian warfare and the other bleep that thrills your Amerikkkans.”

    It just looks like Hoffman is saying to trade a campaign chip for a policy.,1

  • Regarding what a major television network said about 36 hours ago, I don’t accept that it was a joke or a direction from the CIA. If it were from the CIA, the CIA makes a mistake in speaking in the same channel as a politician at the same time. It’s hard enough to sort things out. In all likelihood, though the CIA probably should have a stance on the question involved, the network is just helping out the Democrats and Obama.

  • Opinion from Canada comes in on my situation in-between-the-lines.

  • More see war in Mideast coming.

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