Sydney Morning Herald

The “Sydney Morning Herald” has blown hot and cold on my lynching. Just before Gillard took over the government in Australia recently, the “SMH” copy editors were sniping at me between-the-lines worse than any other outlet on the Internet.

I haven’t said in a while that the white man test is still coming. I love how when I say it, the matter is one of “conspiracy theory.” When a white man says it, it’s published material in a Harvard course. That’s exactly the kind of solipsistic world my subjectivist critics live in: whatever is good for the Democratic Party is the truth, they think.

That’s how it’s been the whole existence of MIM. Even after we founded ourselves, we suddenly had a struggle over whether the cardinal principle on the non-exploitation of white workers was true or not. Supposedly one only joined after agreeing to that and also agreeing to quit the party and form another if that ever changed; yet, we had to fend off a few people in the party on the subject. Dragged kicking and screaming — that’s how it always is in political struggle in the imperialist countries.


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