Insider problem at CNN

The recent CNN reaction to the Department of Agriculture firing hullabaloo is in-between-the-lines proof that CNN knows it is part of the news in my lynching case. I suppose CNN deserves some credit for bringing this to my attention, since I have not mentioned it before. (I don’t watch television much, so it easily escaped my mind.)

A regular on CNN who only a few years ago was disinforming listeners that there was no threat to Social Security from red ink was a Democratic candidate for Congress, whose campaign manager was the Fruitfly. One would think that an active candidate for Congress would be sign enough that maybe CNN should not rely on die-hard Democrats as sources for a news story about die-hard Democrats.

For that matter, the Fruitfly himself often pointed out that the First Amendment protects the press from the government. There is no legal protection of the government from the press. Breitbart is press. So am I. Getting a little foamy around the mouth CNN?

Ironically, here I am: I did not campaign for Jesse Jackson and Batman and Robin did, but it’s me who said Jesse Jackson should be president right now. That’s what gets me qualified as an “enemy” who just chips away at reputations. It goes to show that even offering Democrats a Democrat that die-hards already campaigned for is not loyal enough to the die-hard Democrat agenda.

But wait, it gets better. The dynamic duo’s usual international defender has made a big point of ceasing defense of them at this moment. It’s a miracle. That’s how wrapped into the story the dynamic duo and a couple people at CNN are: they didn’t even notice.



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