Shades of gray

I’ve been accused of not seeing shades of gray. That is false. It’s just that I don’t talk about shades of gray. Lynchers #1-3 are not shades of gray. They are clearcut problems. There are many other spies and decadent females I could talk about.

In the same vein, one of the most difficult aspects of being the focus of media lynching for five years is that Amerikan females generally ARE a shade of gray different than the lynchers. It is especially true that intellectual females think about sex the same way as spies do — that it has no intrinsic value and that it might as well be exchanged for something regarding a supposed secret of Washington, Wall Street, Moscow or Beijing.

MIM’s approach is to defend LGBT rights and remove rigid role pressures from asexuals. In our opinion, this will also do the most to remove decadence from heterosexual relations. Too many pseudo-feminists do not understand that pursuing a man for his alleged extrinsic connections to something going on in the world in power is degrading, moreso than what they spend most of their time attacking if they do bother to attempt feminism.

While pornography protects females, because we do not want to send our Lindsay Lohans to prison and combat, females readily assent to sending males off to war, prison, murder and a disproportionate share of youth suicide. Females are now the vast majority of college graduates being minted as well. The gender aristocracy movement simply misses cause and effect.

In pornographic magazines, females say they like sex, and never tell us the complicated and possibly stupid and evil things they have been doing. Nonetheless, attraction to the body is at least intrinsic to the individual who has the attractive body, and it does vary from individual to individual. What spies want is the same thing as money, extrinsic to the individual.

  • An 18-year-old sleeps with an 18-year-old for the purposes of a spy database. Wrong? Yes. In Egypt it would be horrible. In the United $tates, it’s a shade of gray, to be taken lightly.

    Then there are questions of fact. I don’t always report what I have been told, because in many cases the media and secret services disinform me to protect the Democratic Party at this time. Taken together the gray areas below do complete a picture. Maybe some of them are false, but some of them likely are true, and overall the gray areas help a reader to understand what has to be evaluated.

  • A Castroite and then a Gus Hall hack date someone for the purposes of extortion 25 years later. Wrong? Yes. Factually solid? — OK, the facts add up for this tip, but I don’t report it. It’s gray. One could question whether I’m just in denial, because I don’t want to think about all females that way.

  • A Gus Hall follower blocks my career path by pushing retraction of a job offer I received from someone else. It makes sense and I did not draw the party connection. It’s a shade of gray.

  • Yahoo! says the Brits don’t do Romeo/Juliet spies, but they recruit LGBT. This I consider a joke, and put it at 15% likelihood, but an increasing likelihood over time, just given the numbers of the situation.

  • Various papers and tabloids try to tell me a whole relationship in the 1980s was CIA. This I give a higher probability rating to.

    The following points I believe might not have super-high probability alone, but together add up.

  • Out of nowhere, an Army brat tells me he is going to see if he can get me into the Cabinet — in the 1980s when I showed no such interest. Did he know something already?

  • Two NASA brats tell me one-liners out of the blue in the 1980s that would seem to point to lyncher #1.

  • A friend of mine tells me out of the blue a two-liner in the early 1980s that I will have to sue for racial discrimination or get stuck in middle management — this when I was not looking for a job and was yet to head to graduate school.


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