This month we’ve had the Anna Chapman story and now the “Salt” movie, and Angelina Jolie has noted the timing.

I will take this opportunity to note the difference between our line on femme fatales and R¢P’s. The R¢P raises the femme fatale idea only to relieve themselves for responsibility on their own backwardness. They say that femme fatales happen because “there are no other positive role models.”

Excuse me, that was no positive role models in the 1950s when Avakkkian was growing up. That’s not the same thing as nothing for lyncher #1 to see. Lyncher #1 also lived in an era of approximately equal college enrollments by gender, unlike the 1960s.

Saying there were no positive role models for lyncher #1 is a poor excuse for their support for Obama and lynching. In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro was already on the Mondale ticket for president as vice-president. In 1988, D. Wilder won as a Black man in a mostly white southern state, Virginia. That same year we had the consensus in the press regarding Willie Horton. In other words, on all these points the R¢P went further backwards than what the backward imperialist system had already vomited up.

Instead of defending existing historical gains, the R¢P took its usual hydra-headed approach to two-line struggle in which it claimed credit for both sides, the same way the CIA enters both sides of a civil war to get information. In contrast, MIM comes from Marx, who since the “Theses on Feuerbach” stressed that reality and change are not two-sided recycling of history.

Here’s what I have to say to the SVR located in suburban Moscow and other secret services. There are a lot of things you could have done to help me out.

  • You could have helped me out by telling me who in my circles was sent to disrupt monogamy, because you know darn well that “do your own thing” is never going to produce a real communist movement here.
  • You could have sent me a girlfriend, sure, and told her why the mission was a good one, since we in the revolution are at a disadvantage in attracting money-obsessed females, obviously.
  • Barring a girlfriend, you could have sent people with other skills, such as language interpretation.
  • You could have sent someone to argue with me about the Aesopian class, and if I did not agree, your agent could have done the Aesopian analytical work instead.

    I fully believe that the 95% of progress of the United $tates comes from outside. You overrate the value of the left-wing of parasitism. All it has done is rediscover the joys of the mafia and crony capitalism. Look at all this great corporatism we have now under Obama.

    There is an infinite possible role for outsiders to play. The vast majority of the world benefits from a communist movement in the United $tates, regardless of what it thinks of communism elsewhere.




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