Senate re-discovers brain drain

Orders change in constitution to favor those families that have been here longest


Twinkies revolt, not!

The U.S. Senate has rediscovered the brain drain by which Third World countries pay for primary, secondary and even college education only to have their educated people sucked into the United $tates. The Senate first discovered the brain drain in the 1960s. It remains a mystery which great Senator rediscovered it.

Senator Leahy said, “gosh, I didn’t know we took all those tens of thousands of Chinese after Tiananmen Square, and gave them citizenship, after China paid for their educations, usually in the hard sciences. That’s terrible. We should not have used our citizenship that way, because only Amerikans who have been here a long time should have graduate degrees.”

Ex-KKK spokespersyn David Duke said, “I concur. When are we going to close the visas to Asians down completely?”

Senator Webb called for a constitutional amendment requiring hiring and education decisions to favor peoples that have spent the most generations here. Applicants will wear a tag with a decimal point for the average length of years one’s ancestors have been inside the United $tates.

President Obama promised to ship back all the people invited to the United $tates under his administration. “We didn’t mean it,” he said. “We just didn’t know it,” he added.

Ex-President George W. Bush apologized for letting Obama stay in the country, when many other Blacks of longer generational standing have been around. “The Reagan administration should have deported him to allow another spot at Harvard Law to a sixteenth generation Black,” Bush said.

A communist proposed that the United $tates open the borders to other Third World peoples, including laborers to even out the disparities. “More Asian poor should be allowed to live in the United $tates,” the communist said. “That would even out affirmative action questions.”

Henry Park, a former minority scholarship holder added, “Gee, I’m sorry I took the scholarship that whites applied me for and recommended me to take while using me as a photo op for merit in scholarship. Now that I understand that the Constitution says people who have been here longest are superior to those who have been here shorter time, I’m sure I should have taken the Regents fellowship (publicly funded, merit-based) instead. Because I didn’t take that fellowship, it went to — a white female, from a southern state and a military background and a family of long generations going back. Wait a minute, isn’t that what you said you wanted to happen? Wasn’t that who started the complaint to begin with, a white female?”

A MIM investigation found that no matter what twisted words politicians use, they mean that white females should have benefited from all programs.



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