“Race card fraud”

I am glad Thomas Sowell opposes “race card fraud,” because the people involved in lynch-mob rumors also spread a race card fraud.

I was the only one at the “Michigan Daily” to see and try to stop a racist cartoon up on a page before it went to print. My lyncher spread rumors that I was responsible for it–and people on the Internet witnessed that. Even ESPN figured that out, because it is more advanced than Obama and the R¢P.

Sowell should get over it. Racism was commonplace at the University of Michigan in the 1980s, even among relatively enlightened young journalists who opposed me overwhelmingly at first on the cartoon. However, only some people are really recalcitrant about it. That’s what makes the difference between trivia and a hate crime. At the “Michigan Daily” I found people willing to struggle and we overturned the cartoon with outside help. Lyncher #1 had a different mission.

The fact that I speak in the open while the racists cover up is indicative of the problem of lynching in this country. As I’ve said many times, the racists rehearse their story in Aesopian language, several times, over several years, because they know they could never come up with one story without leaks and rehearsals.

The Sowell article is probably trying to make a deal with the White House for it to stop sending paid racist provocateurs to make the Tea Party look bad. That’s why Biden recently said the Tea Party movement is not racist. The international proletariat should beware.




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