Taste vs. power

In the United $tates, the cheapest way to live is cooking macaroni and cheese out of a box and dining out at “Taco Bell.”

I used to eat that way, but at the end of college, bourgeoisification got the better of me and I diversified into bourgeois tastes from other countries. Yet I would never say that my eating habits were any indication of my political correctness one way or another. If I were R¢P, I’m sure I’d say I started out proletarian and shifted to become more internationalist in my food tastes. That would be nonsense.

We never hear that “classism” is abandoning the taste for Kraft cheese for the fare typically reviewed in restaurant reviews. The “-isms” that interest scientific communists only involve large-scale patterns of power. Those -isms are imperialism, capitalism, neo-colonialism, racism and sexism. We do not even say “classism” very much and the reason is that there is a wide acceptance that Marx put class on a scientific basis with terms like “exploitation” and “capitalism.” Such terms are clearly not about individual tastes and so it is with any important subject: it takes more than n=1, even more than n=30.

The people stuck arguing at the individual taste level are pre-scientific, and constitute the backbone of both fascist and Liberal political classes.

In order to cover up for an oppressive power structure, the Weimar Liberal denies the existence of patterns of power and puts the focus on taste. The Liberal intends no solution to any problem, but through a corrosive process of thought, clears the way for fascism.

It is unlikely that the gender bureaucrat who came up with the idea that 31% of South African males are rapists intended fascism, despite the long history of fascism oppressing South Africans. These types of figures come from thoughtless bureaucrats paid by an NGO-academia-police-administration-media political class of Liberalism. The number is big enough to indicate concern for the group of females and grab a headline in a pornographic way, but not small enough to be actionable. That’s what fascists love about Weimar Liberals. The next step is fascist scapegoating, not revolution.

A consistent Weimar Liberalism would find the U.$. media “classist” for its restaurant reviews and glorification of rich people’s architecture. Then too, the disproportionate share of coverage of classical music and ballets would be classist and sexist. The theater and ballet are now and in the past the leisure pursuits of the gender privileged, as MIM defined gender.

That’s just what a consistent Weimar Liberalism would find. What we end up getting in the media taste-wise is there because of a concentration of economic power.

When it comes to class, nation and gender, no one in the world lives in communism. One should beware the pre-scientific waving of the flag of nation, class and gender against the scientific communists.

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