Demand an investigation into the Pentagon role in shutting the MIM website

We are calling for an investigation into the Pentagon’s role in shutting down the MIM website. The MIM website was the leading contemporary communist website in the English language as measured by website traffic before Obamautons shut it down.

The “Washington Post” has been remarkably staid and quiet about Obama, so much so that I now question whether Watergate happened for the reasons that the “Washington Post” gave. Nonetheless, readers will recognize that the article that just appeared on “Top Secret America” stems from MIM’s own publishing and struggles on the topic. We communists are ridiculously outnumbered by spies and there are few who can think independently of the Pentagon.

Previously we reported on the damaging leaks from the Pentagon that aimed at my reputation and contributed to the atmosphere in which an ongoing lynching occurs along with the shutdown of the MIM website. We also reported on the military-loaded locale of the server.

Now the Washington Post raises the question of contracts. On the one hand, we do not want to smear everyone. The Pentagon has contracts with MIT. That does not make everyone at MIT a Pentagon stooge; although, the influence is great.

Based on open “Washington Post” data(1) and metaphorical statements, it appears that the Pentagon and specific relevant officials had large contracts specifically relevant to my lynching and the shutdown of the MIM website.

Before the recent fascist bailouts, the Pentagon was already a major corporatist influence. It was a government ministry larger than any socialist ministry ever created anywhere, but it used its power to create profits for military corporations. So it’s not surprising to see it tied up with lynching and the shutdown of the MIM website now.

Meanwhile, “Asia Times” has reported that Japan and the United $tates did not admit to biowarfare against China from World War II until the State Department declassified documents in 1993 and the Japanese made an admission in 2002. “Most victims were Chinese.”(2)

MIM was the only party that warned U.$. political activists that there was no exploited white working class and hence the communists and socialists would be outnumbered by spies. MIM’s critics in the then Maoist-sounding “RCP” said that MIM was scaring off activists with that talk. They sought to cover up for 854,000 spooks once the private sector hired by the government is included.(3) It goes to show just how far wrong one can go once one adopts the “believe-what-you-want-about-Amerikan-freedom” method.



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