Anti-Semitism today

Just as any analysis of structure is interested in patterns of power reinforcing class, nation and gender oppression, so too we should not get stuck on mere ethnic tastes in analyzing I$rael’s conflicts. The reality is that I$rael has the upper-hand in power over its immediate neighbors and hence a case of anti-Semitism in the conflicts of people poorer and less equipped militarily is impossible to make.

On our website that the Pentagon organized a pseudo-left to take down, we had an article explaining the Hitler phenomenon differently than anyone else. Our thesis was that Germans were already heavily influenced by its labor aristocracy and had no capacity for building socialism after World War II. The first stage of struggle was de-lousing and we credited Stalin for seeing to reparations, but we can see with East Germany that socialism was not really on the agenda. Arrogance toward other peoples had deep economic roots and the real movement was toward joining with U.$. exploitation of the world, not an excitement for building socialism. Within the parasitism of Germany, the Hitler strategy succeeded because Hitler put his finger on exploitation in a scapegoating way while leaving the German nation clean.

Although many believe that Hitler cannot happen again, and in certain salient aspects that must always be true of immense historical figures, certain patterns key to Hitler’s success have already been replicated in the West. As a political leadership question the soft-headedness of academia is key. That soft-headedness has allowed it to replace the exploitation done by the Amerikan petty-bourgeoisie of the world with the relative deficit of the petty-bourgeoisie within the U.$. society.

In any society, there is always a higher and lower until we reach communism. Hence, any global exploitation can be hidden by a game of “keep up with the Joneses” within a country. That is the game of nationalism. Hitler’s attack on Jews was fierce and it had only a somewhat less fierce nationalism behind it. The attack on the one (Jews) took advantage of an implicit position on the other (Germans as a whole).

Farcically, we have now had what many are calling our second depression to follow up the World War II depression that brought Hitler. Yet, our media — and let us admit fully that the U.$. media is disproportionately Jewish like the colleges that journalists come from — the U.$. media did the same thing as what we saw in Weimar Germany. Instead of covering exploitation in a thorough-going way before the crisis and perhaps pre-empting it, instead of taking MIM seriously when it pointed out that the growth in home equity was worth the salaries of decades of work of the international proletariat per Amerikan and instead of admitting that there was a MIM that predicted this and only this economic crisis, the media jumped on Bernie Madoff to make up for prior sins of omission in the class struggle.

Madoff is Jewish and hence MIM indicts the U.$. media for anti-Semitism via economic scapegoating. What is true of Madoff is true of the whole U.$. economy.

True, Madoff is very powerful and Jews ARE exploiters, as a rule. So one may think it is impossible to be anti-Semitic. However, the Palestinian bourgeoisie IS proof that it is possible to exert a pattern of power against exploiters in an oppressive way. The Palestinian bourgeoisie in the Gaza Strip has less market access than the Amerikan lumpenproletariat. That is how we know that the Palestinian revolution has to go through a national democratic stage or possibly have that stage imposed from the outside by a joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations. I$raelis should not control the Palestinian state without giving them the vote or a separate state.

There is no way out for the Jews. Within capitalism, they will always be a minority of the minority–the exploiters. Getting together in I$rael relieved the difficulty of facing off against a German majority, but now neighbors outnumber it–and the class gap is still there.

Marx said it before MIM, but, and as Hitler was so concerned, internationalism is the way out for the Jews. Scapegoating of Jews is not the same thing as national oppression of Palestinians today or even Blacks in the U.$. South under Jim Crow.

When Jews qua exploiters act, they must face off against the Third World proletariat and thus engender anti-internationalist themes. Jews cannot fantasize like the Anglo-Saxon bourgeoisie that they could just so happen to be the able exploiters numerous enough to run the lives of all the Latin Americans, Africans and Asians.

When Jews qua Jews act, they are as a minority within the minority of exploiters. In line with what we say about class, nation and gender, MIM’s contention is that anti-Semitism in the current context only occurs within that minority of a minority context, because an element of power is necessary for anti-Semitism. What happened to Bernie Madoff is anti-Semitic scapegoating. What we need instead is a crackdown on a whole capitalist class. In this way the Jews will be remade as a people, stripped of their quality as exploiters. No longer exploiters, they will not be opposed by the global majority and they will not be scapegoated by other exploiters.



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