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[The following is part of an interview with Professor Jose Maria Sison. He shared “weal and woe” with the New People’s Army in the Philippines from 1969 to 1977.]

Valerio: Noynoy Aquino seems to play the teflon game and ignore what you say against him. But he lets others hit you and make ad hominem attacks against you. Are you not afraid of taking on someone like Aquino who has just been elected supposedly by a large vote and has a powerful propaganda machinery that can be used against you?

Jose Maria Sison: Why should I be afraid of what he can do against me? I have fought presidents before, from Marcos to Arroyo. I should be more courageous and confident in opposing someone who is not known for being an achiever within his own ruling system, who has just benefited from electronic pre-programming, who is now running against himself and his promises and who is now faced with a severe financial and economic crisis, especially the public debt crisis.

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Valerio: Are you not bothered by Noynoy Aquino supporters making ad hominem attacks on you as a frustrated Great Leader, an armchair revolutionary and as someone whose feet are off the ground?

JMS: I laugh off such invectives because they are both flagrantly stupid and funny. I take them in stride. The worst of invectives are always being flung at me by spin doctors, paid hacks and military psy-war experts. When I die, I shall leave a legacy more cherished than that of all puppet presidents who are corrupt and brutal. For advocating national and social liberation, my writings will be studied seriously and will weigh more heavily than all the propaganda of the reactionary state and its hangers-on.

Indeed, I have long retired from marching and sharing weal and woe with a platoon of the New People’s Army as I often did from 1969 to 1977. But my forced exile does not make any puppet president or any of his subalterns more revolutionary than I am. They are the ones who are stuck on their armchairs and perform reactionary acts. I know more about the Filipino people and their revolutionary forces than the shortsighted and narrow-minded reactionaries who are focused on oppressing and exploiting the people.

15 June 2010
Liberation International


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