Nelson Mandela’s birthday

In celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birthday,(1) MIM found two Amerikan pseudo-feminist web pages about 27.6% of South African men being rapists taken down. Still that leaves many other web pages saying for instance that 31% of South African men are rapists.(2)

It just so happens that in line with what MIM has already said about gender bureaucrats talking about rape, the author of the 31% headline is none other than a blogger in charge of “Talking Points Memo.”

The reason MIM says that “all sex is rape” is to consider the factors that are coercive in all gender relations. Those saying that 31% of South African men are rapists are racists and decadent females.

There is no man that would consent to dating or marriage with a female that believed 31% of men are rapists. This information is hidden from men, who then cannot have an informed consent. Decadent females who date men with the idea that large portions of men are rapists are guilty of rape themselves.

The other parties out there do not have the gonads to take a stand on the path to wimmin’s liberation in nation and class context. MIM’s answer that all sex is rape is the only solidly internationalist one. Otherwise, we will just end up with “talking points” from the West on Third World males.

“Oh, Happy Birthday”
“People dying”
“People crying”
“Oh, Happy Birthday!”



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  1. Taste vs. power « Mimdefense's Weblog Says:

    […] is unlikely that the gender bureaucrat who came up with the idea that 31% of South African males are rapists intended fascism, despite the long history of fascism oppressing South Africans. These types of […]

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