Latin America update

In my mind, I have not been handed cards specific to Latin America. What I have benefits Latin America, but not in the issues I see being raised.

I am reluctant to get involved in some indirect issues. I rather like what Syria did instead, since Assad is in power.

Lyncher #3 could be construed as a Catholic card, but I don’t see how Chavez can use it without believing something from the CIA, NSA or someone like that. Chavez would need the data from somewhere, but the Democrats are spinning concoctions that are inconsistent with that. On the one side are the Democrats and Catholic Church. On the other side would have to be someone with real data usable in a diplomatic context. It’s not going to come from believe-what-they-want-to-believe Democrats.

I don’t have direct cards with the EU either.

So what I am saying is that I don’t approve the Fruitfly theory of diplomacy where we bog issues down for the benefit of issues not directly involved. I’ve got no first-stage rights to wheel-and-deal. I’m also not being paid to watch all this. That needs to be fixed first.


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