Aesopian update and international united front

There are analysts out there who have read me so carefully that they can take something I have said only once in print and apply it to current conditions. I saw one article like that this past week. Likewise, I would like to assure my readers that I also have a good memory for things I have been told going back decades.

I express my gratitude to the international united front for its struggles on my behalf, including tit-for-tats this past two weeks. Some of the countries involved I have not mentioned.

Since 2008, I have seen China and Britain do big deals through the media and I have seen the British media foreshadow ruling class happenings. Other media in other countries tell us about the diplomatic actions taken by their countries. However, I have not seen anything credible since 2008 from the Democrats or “New York Times,” to mention the most Aesopian of the papers.

There is a large scale deal being negotiated, almost too large to follow.

What Obama has done has already been published, and not by me. People noting when Avakian was trying to warn people against MIM for being “too extreme” will be tipped off as well. It’s a matter of time. I’m trying my best to prevent a pornographic spectacle.

We saw with the invasion of Gaza at the end of Bush’s term that Obama could take Palestinian cards, and ruin the situation in which Abbas was negotiating, as late as December 2008. Now I am warning the international united front and what little anti-war wing there is in the Democratic Party that Obama is fixing to water down Islamic diplomatic cards again. He wants the Islamic cards to come out and be surrounded in a blur of pornographic campaign garbage a la Anna Chapman to benefit his political career, again.

I keep telling the international united front and Democrats with any critical thinking abilities left that Obama has been trained to pander to the less than 5% of Amerikans, the labor aristocracy and gender aristocracy. He has yet to show any concern for international vetting of diplomacy–where reality does matter. Ironically, we used to hear so much about Cheney being opposed to reality-based intellectuals, but the Democrats have their people who are worse in believing what they want to believe.


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