“Two-line struggle” and a note on the Black Panthers

Recent news items repeatedly link the Black Panthers to monitoring of election booths in Obama’s 2008 campaign victory. This is the final way in which the Obamautons kill the Black Panther Party off.

The original Black Panthers led by Huey Newton were not reformists. Yet Justice Department collusion with others has produced a non-stop image of the Black Panthers as election-mongers, not a group for revolution.

It reminds me of the original R¢P=CIA pamphlet summing up the Black Panthers which pointed out that within the R¢P=CIA, members wanted to kill the leadership of the Black Panther Party for selling out–this coming from the secret Kennedy activists in support of the labor aristocracy no less. That’s the R¢P=CIA idea of “two-line struggle,” where people in the alleged vanguard party want to do the police’s work for them.

It’s just like in the Woody Allen movie “Bananas,” where the CIA parachutes into battle on both sides of a civil war. Ironically, one can imagine motivations where the CIA would instigate both sides, but that’s not “two-line struggle.”

Two-line struggle should refer to vanguard struggles that occur for the first time. Anti-lynching, anti-feudalism, anti-slavery and anti-fascism are not two-line struggles. They are simply struggles against reaction. The Obamautons have taken up a cynical view of two-line struggle not unlike COINTELPRO’s. Heads someone is a pedophile, tails a “reforming gay.” It starts and ends at the persynal level and in a non-history-advancing topic–just as Alinsky advised, but not Lenin or Mao.

Philistines who wanted to kill the original but wearied Black Panthers while pushing reconstitution of the Black Panthers as election booth monitors for Kennedy-approved candidates do not belong in any organization calling itself a vanguard party. Those who cannot remember history are destined to repeat it. Seeing what happened with the R¢P=CIA and the Black Panthers takes observing a mere 35 years of history.

P.S. On July 14, CNN’s Roland Martin admitted that it was Fox News more than anyone else pushing the New Black Panther Party story. So in conjunction with the Justice Department it’s like a continuation of old COINTELPRO tricks against the original Black Panthers, revolutionaries.


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