Eugene Rivers

We’re past the point where I have promised to work with the Liberal cards I’ve been handed to get a Black president. I announced in advance that I was going to change that position, because of the continued clampdown on my case. So now I keep my options open on who should be in the White House to get out of the current mess–maybe a white man for a while, maybe Bill Richardson. Something should be done.

In response to today’s columns at the “Real Clear Politics,” I do think the lack of the Eugene Rivers solution stands out. If Obama were serious about ending the Afghan war and advancing the Palestinian cause, and related regional problems, he would know how the various players need to relate to each other, and he would defer to Rivers. The fact that he does not says to me and should say to others more about the path Obama is actually on as opposed to the path that people think he is on. The “solid core with a lot of elasticity” formula should have alerted the intellectuals to the fact that Obama represents the philistine class.

I believe the “New York Times” is wrong to oppose the Crusader candidates for president. What they should do is make a deal to get some non-Christians in Congress and the Cabinet, if they are concerned about Rivers that way. As racist as Amerikans are, I don’t think they would have accepted what happened, had the media told them. We are talking racist extremism here. People asking for a break for Obama are trying to have things both ways into the extreme.

Had the Trilateral Commission come and told me Stalin lynched me into FDR’s cabinet in 1944, I would have accepted it. That’s how things were then. It’s not within my reach to set things right in the current context, mostly because of have-it-both-ways thinking on the labor aristocracy and gender aristocracy. Without a social movement, a revolutionary movement, I have no options. It’s not an accident that what is happening to me persynally involves the same class and gender forces holding back more harmonious geopolitical relations.

I predict that Rivers could stabilize what the imperialists should want to stabilize, while also providing the Amerikan people what they thought they elected–someone representing a step forward in racial relations. He did not speak on my behalf, and so there is the have-it-both-ways silence being maintained that elites are seeking.


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