Again on lynching pile-on extortion

Nothing could be more obvious than that the Democrats are setting out to Willie Hortonize me, as I have warned on websites several times since 2007. The more they work at it, the deeper they get into criminal conspiratorial territory. The only thing they are going to do is prove that they are conducting a textbook extortion conspiracy and third party infiltration gambit, that always requires an extortion conspiracy on the side.

Their conspiracy is stupid and evil on many levels. First, they expect just because the public has never heard of me except at MIM, that they can determine the timing of their public lynching accusations, as if accusations against me are “new” or never heard of before. Ridiculous. That idea has been shot down by the fact that I told people, in conditions approaching “live” that the Democrats, U.$. and foreign secret services were sending females against me for the purposes of inventing scandals. In a brief period including in 2007, I proved right. It’s not me the journalist being stung. It’s the desperate conspirators.

Secondly, even if the racist extremists and Republicrat die-hards did confuse the public into believing I was all that they claimed, it would not make me worse than convicted murderer-rapist Willie Horton, status-wise. The press slammed George W. Bush for using Willie Horton as a campaign item in 1988.

That is why I say I want to see these White House related issues cards played as issues to honor the Palestinian diplomacy process, promptly. The I$raelis and Amerikans are prompt about war and supplying war against the Palestinians. They’re not as good at promptly honoring diplomatic cards, which is why we are in the conflicts we are in to begin with.


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