Prince sounds like Obama’s mentor; Big 12, Ke$ha, other such stuff

Pop music performer Prince has declared the Internet “over,” as in a passing fad.

“He also complained that gadgets are evil, commenting that ‘they just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good.’ Huh? If you try logging on to the musician’s official website, it appears dead to the world.”(1)

Obama’s mentor Bob Avakian initially criticized us for our Internet work before backtracking. He also criticized our appreciation of the quantitative aspect of things, which is one reason his followers can’t tell the difference between exploiters and exploited. “Dead to the world”–MIM has referred to the Avakian followers who are not paid CIA as zombies.

Ke$ha(2) is a new performer who admitted to stalking Prince in a friendly way–up-front and not covertly. On July 6, Obama presented a solid front with Netanyahu, who Obama praised for his desire for peace.

In the last few weeks, we need to see beneath the surface of U.$.-I$raeli relations. Ever since Obama took Palestinian diplomatic cards in 2008, I$rael does not respond in words, but with violence against Palestinians that Obama is responsible for.

Nebraska left the Big 12 for the Big 10 while saying the Big 12 Amerikan college football league would never provide the stability of the Big 10.(3) At the same time, some pointed out that scandals can ruin the playoffs and prevent high-polling teams from advancing.

The problem is that the U.$. media did not vet out what it needed to vet out intelligence-wise in 2008. The Palestinians paid the price. Barring sanctions on I$rael from Congress or a military blockade of I$rael, it’s hard to see how Netanyahu does not just take advantage. This is the real meaning of the trade of national Romneycare for Palestinian deaths.

Sometimes these celebrity news items have value. Unfortunately, everyone’s publicist is trying to latch onto the MIM-related fad, the underground buzz of euphemisms and metaphors. Agents for authors, athletes, politicians, charities and artists tell their people to get in on the underground MIM fad.

Some of the artists involved in the fad are in fact helpful to MIM. To understand whether they are conveying serious information, one should check the media outlet of the performer involved. There is even useful information in the most unserious of publications, a la “Men in Black.”

Now the Obamautons are busy at work on Wikipedia pointing out that the Remarkably Clueless Party is the largest “Maoist” party in the United $tates. One would think they should be embarrassed to emphasize the point while MIM is the most read communist organization and while some of their own followers say they aren’t “Maoist” anymore.



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