Politicians, the two party system and justifications for racism

Bill Clinton just eulogized Senator Byrd of KKK fame.(1)

Earlier Vice-President Joe Biden responded to a MIM column of June 8 (without saying so) by claiming to be proud to be a politician. What Biden and Clinton are doing is justifying the slick version of the KKK ruling the United $tates.

” US Vice President Joseph Biden has said America needs to keep its graph of progress going up so as to ensure that it keeps its ‘top dog’ status over China and India intact.

“‘You might call that chauvinism. I call it a necessary reality,’ Biden said in his address to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Issues Conference here as he emphasised the need to retain America’s leadership in a world where emerging economies are fast occupying space. “(2)

Biden said, “‘I’m a politician and I am proud of it'” on June 15, 2010.(2)

In contrast, I would have thought that Obama’s healthcare plan would be 75% popular, just based on polls Rush Limbaugh once reported long before the Obama administration. It turns out that is false. As of today, 60% want to repeal Obama’s healthcare plan.(3)

The unpopularity of Obamacare is a great irony for both Obama and MIM. For years MIM predicted that the Avakianites would sell out communism for a Kennedy-style welfare program. They did. We thought they would gain popularity for that, but it turns out that the justification of aiming at getting 50%+1 inside U.$. borders instead of going with MIM’s strategy is now irrelevant.

What the healthcare debate shows is that all the major items are up for spin by elites and there is an element of historical luck. Once one goes into the two-party system, one is bound to “get lucky.” With only two parties, the issues break down into large groupings. Merely by picking parties and sides, one cannot help but gain large chunks of support. There is no need for KKK stunts.

Collective thinking on healthcare and now the deficit are not in the directions I would have thought. MIM happens to be in the majority on both issues for now, but not for reasons given in public. That is as communications specialists try to show future students of the political system: they would water down what MIM is saying in such a way that it would actually be more than 50% popular in stands on the deficit and healthcare.

Meanwhile, the Gulf oil spill has not damaged Obama’s standings(4) judging by the average of polls at the “Real Clear Politics,” which remains dead-even.(5) In any case, issues arising this year do not damage Obama directly, while they do harm the Democrats in Congress.

Obama, Clinton, Byrd and Biden justify anything with the “politician” mantra, but close examination of the facts proves that their reactionary politics are unnecessary.

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