The reactionary “femme fatale” role

Arrested for spying for Russia, Anna Chapman has now had her pictures placed all over the Internet. With a little luck she will land a clothing line endorsement.

The “New York Daily News” version of Anna Chapman via Facebook

A few stereotyped stories appeared in the press after the arrest on June 27.(1) One report says Chapman’s latest conquest was a 60-year-old jet-setter, none too notable for his looks. Hollywood eats up these sorts of stories because we are always looking for an excuse to eroticize inequality, in this case, to come up with a reason for Chapman to date someone not equal to her in looks, but perhaps superior in wealth. Only communism will be able to eliminate that gender problem, and like it or not, females will be ‘hos till then. What it will take for communism to succeed, maybe the wider application of biological advances in hormone regulation and the likes.

It’s been habit to blame the men for the pattern of eroticizing inequality, but females today in the United $tates do not have to play an irresponsible political role: they can look into this themselves and criticize themselves as they would criticize men. The femme fatale role encourages females toward sexual interactions with no intrinsic interest to them, only extrinsic, non-physical rewards such as money, scandal or information. Females now have more than their share of middle-management jobs and mothering is still open for some as a role. Both roles can contribute more than the femme fatale associated ideas.

No party has managed to eliminate gender inequality, but the “femme fatale” role belongs to the Democratic Party’s arsenal disproportionately. One “Huffington Post” hacktivist defends lynching by saying “action is a bitch.”(2) He got the “bitch” part right, but action is not joining the power structure on its own terms, not according to progressives.

While the Democrats complain about the stay-at-home role of church-abiding females, it’s no accident that the femme fatale role of seducing men for scandal purposes receives disproportionate play in Hollywood making profit from such a role. Stay-at-home mothers going to their reactionary churches do not make for good characters to sell movies, at least not proportionately speaking. We need not mention that doing the hard work of political, sociological and economic study will never sell as many movie tickets, even compared with stay-at-home mothers, because the demographics are not there to sell identity politics movies that way.

Older people continue to defend the “femme fatale” role, because they fail to notice that society has moved on. Now the problem is that females can play too many roles, not too few. “Balance” between career and family is the mantra of ordinary U.$. females today. One role we can do without is the “femme fatale.”

Even Dennis Rodman says the NBA is fixed, but the chances of being a successful basketball star with bona fide talents is greater than being a successful femme fatale spy. Although Chapman reportedly had training with dead drops, obtaining money and passing photos, few people do the political work to be effective spies. In addition, where there is obvious political heat being thrown, various spies have already been there.

The 2008 election showed that the U.$. media is not able to handle femme fatale related challenges thrown its way. It suited male fantasy to believe that something politically progressive emerged from a lynching, and so the media did not vet the lynching out. Far from progressive, the lynching played a role in supporting three wars, roils Korea as we speak, set back the disarmament cause and further complicates the I$rael/Palestine situation, while gumming up Gitmo. Rather than face all that, the Democratic Party continues to rely on social forces with a self-interest in believing in femme fatales forever–Hollywood and some academic pseudo-feminists and politicians who have conducted their own local lynchings for minor career advancement purposes.

We are all stuck in the patriarchy, but the pro-lynching forces come from the more regressive portion of patriarchy. Political obliviousness stems from male sexual fantasy, the related Hollywood and celebrity type money and the need of many to continue justifying their own lynchings after-the-fact. Combined these interests support an irresponsible politics in which people believe what they want and need instead of paying attention to what they are doing. Some people need to believe in persynality cults. Others need to believe there is a progressive role for femme fatales. When confronted with reality these racist extremist Democrats go into denial.




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