Venezuela moves against U.$. oil rigs

Within the United $tates, we have no reason to believe that Amerikans’ nationalizing the Gulf oil rigs of BP or other oil giants would accomplish anything. There is no proletariat fired up with socialist aspirations in the united $tates. If anything petty-bourgeois government employees have less motivation to work correctly than petty-bourgeois oil rig employees who may have stock incentives with BP.

However, an Iranian takeover would be a different matter. Iran has offered repeatedly to take care of the problem with the BP rig.(1)

Another good candidate would be Venezuela. If people in Venezuela say they are interested in socialism, we believe them; whereas, it’s important not to believe Amerikans saying there is a proletariat for socialism.

Venezuela is moving against some U.$. oil rigs in Venezuela.(2) We hope the exploited of Venezuela figure out how to run the oil rigs and move directly to socialism. Then they can help takeover Amerikan rigs too.



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