Class polarization thesis trashed again

Gus Hall, Saul Alinsky and Bob Avakian said that the progressives should base themselves in the Democratic Party and seek to bring about a class polarization in the United $tates. Their underlying assumption was that there is an exploited working class to mobilize.

In contrast, we hold there is no proletariat within the United $tates with legal working rights. There is a lumpenproletariat that has grown under both Democratic and Republican rule in recent decades.

Gallup reported today that in the midst of this economic crisis Amerikans have become more conservative, with the gap between conservatives and moderates plus liberals spiking toward the conservative direction. This fact kills the class polarization thesis of the Alinskyites.

We should have known the result in advance by how the public responded to the idea of government bailouts. There was no great proletarian uprising to takeover losing corporations. There were only utility-maximizing individuals undermining larger institutions with corruption. In fact, liberal Democrats are the preferred headquarters of organized crime. On the East Coast, we have an easy coalition of Zionists, organized crime and pseudo-communists in the big tent of the Democratic Party.

There is no benefit to the international proletariat of the distinction between liberals and conservatives, because the distinction has no useful national or class basis. It’s a liberal president who expanded the wars in Afghanistan and started one in Pakistan.



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