Chinese currency tensions caused by inaccurate view of U.$. class structure

The inaccurate views and obstinate beliefs of the left-wing of parasitism are contributing to economic tension with China. The U.S. Congress delivered an ultimatum to China to raise the value of its currency relative to the dollar. It’s now about 6.8 Chinese yuan for one Amerikan dollar. With a 15 or 20% increase, it would be about 5.X yuan to the dollar instead.

China did cave in to the ultimatum by the U.S. Congress.(1) Now there is a struggle to see how far China will go to meet U.$. demands. At least one article by the official Chinese government press says there will be no one-time boost.(2)

Fortunately, the European Union is China’s largest trade partner, with ASEAN third and Japan fourth. Xinhuanet figures indicate that the U.$. role in China’s trade is shrinking relatively speaking as the role of other regions grows faster.

On June 24th, China responded to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke by saying there is no big need for a large revaluation of the Chinese currency. China’s Foreign Ministry official Qin Gang said the same thing Japan said in the 1980s: “‘The appreciation of the yuan will neither root out the U.S. trade deficit to China nor solve the low U.S. savings rate or unemployment.'”(3)

By the late 1980s it had become clear that Japanese automakers had beaten U.$. automakers and the move toward exotic SUVs and pick-up trucks was how the U.$. automakers remained in business at all. These larger vehicles contributed to ruining the environment more than compact and medium-size cars–another example of how racism and national chauvinism contribute to environmental problems. With the increased use of gasoline that we would not see with more Toyotas and Hondas on the road, the United $tates had to turn to increased deep-sea drilling as we see in the Gulf of Mexico right now.

With Gorbachev receiving higher public approval ratings than Reagan in the United $tates, Japan moved up in polls of global enemies to become the number one most hated country in the United $tates for a brief period. The mood arose from trade protectionism at its root.

Japan answered the same as China does now, that no matter what trade policies were in place, the United $tates will have a trade deficit because it’s a deficit spender on a habitual basis. In other words, if two people trade with each other but one only uses cash and the other uses cash plus credit cards, there is going to be a difference caused by the credit card spending, not policies between friends.

Despite 25 years of losing arguments to MIM, the CP=U$A and R¢P=CIA and such organizations do not change. They receive support from “labor” unions and the Kennedys for example and won’t ever accept that MIM has been correct the whole time. Quite the contrary, the racist extremists mobilized a lynching conspiracy to shut down our website, the website with the leading traffic of any communist party website in the West. With the United $tates shutting down websites that criticize Amerikkkan nationalist falsehoods, it’s little wonder that trade tensions continue.

The trade tensions have continued so that AIPAC leader New York Senator, Democrat Charles Schumer has threatened tariffs on Chinese products if China does not increase the value of its currency against the U.$. dollar.(4) On June 24, Schumer and other senators issued their threat to pass the tariffs on U.$. goods.

It is true that I$rael needs to rebalance its relationship with Asia. This is an interest I$rael has, but Schumer’s road is to attempt to prevent Palestinian aspirations through a trade war that could set off a depression. MIM’s road is for the senators to give up their reactionary dreams against Palestinian self-determination. The people who issued military leaks thereby going to military repression of civilian media contributed to shutdown of the MIM website.

Either way, whether Schumer gets his way or MIM gets its way, the U.$. ability to impose its will on behalf of I$rael will decline. The difference is that MIM’s road forward has the greatest possibility of preventing the deepening of economic crisis.

Schumer’s threats lack credibility. There is no reason to go running to Obama on account of these trade threats. If enacted, they would be ridiculous and damage the U.$. economy more than the rest of the world.

The pilgrims who shut down our website could not be more clearly allied with AIPAC.

Failure to understand the U.$. class structure accurately is the specialty of Democrats and their pseudo-communist appendages. The left-wing of parasitism fans resentments and economic scapegoating which fascist infiltrators easily capitalize on.

There is only one country in the world large enough to distort the global economy and also exploiting the world so uniquely that the media could make the repeated mistake of blaming the rest of the world for its problems, and that it is the United $tates. Instead of imposing Ponzified Amerikan fantasies on the rest of the world, it would be much easier to impose the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations on the united $tates.

See also MIM’s article on the trade deficit and the Economic Report of the President in 2009



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