Racism and the question of Jacobin virtue in lyncher #1

Just a quick note–some believe that because my lyncher number one was working to protect the Democratic Party from the radicalism of MIM, she exhibited “virtue.” That is the overarching problem, that people will do anything to support the Democratic Party, and that the Democratic Party has great racist extremism going on.

Thus a shoving incident involving Young Mi Kim counts against Republican Meg Whitman,(1) while the Democrats do not report the much more serious activity involving lynching to obtain the presidency, coattails in Congress and the healthcare bill. Meg Whitman is not going to obtain the governorship by shoving any Kims. She is being punished for it publicly. Obama has rewarded lynching on a huge scale, so huge that it is guaranteed to generate many future lynchings.

There is an additional issue with my lyncher #1 in that some people act as if it were a successful third party infiltration gambit, and thus not just MIM but my lyncher has Jacobin virtue. However, the infiltration was not successful. It’s just the wishfulness of racist Democrats asserting otherwise. To have a successful infiltration gambit and not just another link into the system where people end up in hock to the people one is allegedly fighting, the following must be true.

  • The opposing campaign party must not know.
  • The opposing secret services must not be involved or know.
  • The mafia must not get involved and make use of the infiltration to weave its own story.

    If these conditions do not apply, one ends up in hock to the people who know what is happening.

    The “CP=U$A” and “RCP=CIA” would like to believe that the infiltration involved a foreign secret service and that the job was successful. The “CP” supports Obama openly and the “RCP” only covertly, but they both tend to believe what they wish were true instead of what actually happened.

    The following was in fact the case.

  • Republican campaign writers already addressed the gambit in-between-the-lines in their publications by the late 1990s.
  • The CIA was on the scene immediately before and after the lynching.
  • My lyncher #1 was linked to various military intelligence people.
  • I showed the lynch mob years before 2008’s campaign that these intelligence penetrations had in fact happened.

    That’s to leave aside that to even entertain the Avakian-CP thesis, one has to put aside all surface appearances in which the whole thing was a U.$. federal government counter-terrorism operation.

    At this point, the CIA has demonstrated to me that it knows more about my ex-girlfriends than I do. People living in denial of the spy-prison-state that the United $tates is would like to believe that I lived in free conditions and that some racist extremist could come along and lynch me and herself into office. It was not like that. The Kremlin has been so decent as to acknowledge that at the very least the CIA was on the scene before and after the lynching. Others have raised the question of the military intelligence people in-between. In practice, the Kremlin and those honest about military intelligence are closer to being Leninist than these “CP” and “RCP” types mouthing obeisance to Lenin but in practice in denial about the extent of the state and its abuses.

    The idea that one could be politically quarter-assed and carry out a lynching gambit like this in any Jacobin fashion is ludicrous but appealing to those who do not want to do the hard work of political organizing. Just accuse someone and wait 20 years for a reward–much easier.

    1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-kelly/you-wont-like-meg-when-sh_b_617297.html

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