United front update

There has been much metaphorical writing done on my behalf in the last month and especially the last week. Very strong action is also occurring, probably not by the people one would expect. There is also resistance to the path I have pointed out.

It looks like Catherine Ashton will not be able to lift the naval blockade of Gaza. However, other diplomatic actors also have a chance of making things happen. I’ve already pointed to Jindal regarding any remaining bourgeois Asian frustrations. Iran is doing an excellent job with diplomacy.

The enemy has destroyed my persynal life, profession and business. I have tried several web hosting companies in an effort to put the MIM website back up and it is indeed “empty talk” to think there will be meaningful change without independent media.

I had suggested the need for a new international bank, but also the national bourgeoisie needed to step forward and make me a funded journalist. I should really own a newspaper. We proved that we could get over 100,000 readers and come up with important substance. It’s difficult to point to anyone in particular to fund internationalist journalism, but I continue to lack a real base of operations.

The lynchmob is simultaneously not vetting out the lynching but complaining about those who use the deficit as an equalizer issue in the place of the lynching. There are many signs in the media that fiscal conservatives do indeed know when money is going down the toilet because of “inept” foreign policy. The left-wing of parasitism dogmatically wedded to the Democratic Party is actually more of a problem. A small subsector of that includes the rape crisis center bureaucrats always mentioned with out of context factoids in newspaper paragraphs when it comes time to angle for money from state or federal legislatures. Irrationality and political correctness are real props of the war system.

Perhaps the Afghan offensive slowed down around Kandahar. That’s what the papers say. I don’t really know if it’s true on the ground. It seems there is an easing in degree of the Gaza siege to allow in ketchup.

I hope the united front does not back down, but I am taking a break. The Wall Street news today is positive for the economy, but I see negative counter-currents building up.

I don’t see a political solution for the united front’s peace offers at this moment and I don’t wish to be responsible for sending out inaccurate messages, especially when I really don’t know what is happening on the ground in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan. In my opinion, others are doing a good job.


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