Daily update

1. California Democrat candidate for governor Jerry Brown says opponent uses Nazi techniques.

2. Romney says Obama scapegoats business executives.

3. Salon writer says DC and “NYT” lack accountability, hide in cowardice.

4. 47 Senators back Murkowski resolution on Clean Air Act; climate change issue raised.
47 say they don’t oppose the science.

5. Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup.

6. Hamas accused Obama of interfering in Palestinian reconciliation, said Abbas stabbed Palestinian people in the back to continue negotiations. Hamas points out Egypt, Turkey, Syria & Iran help on blockade.

7. Media has flap over whether Abbas wants to open Gaza or not.

8. Egypt and Netanyahu oppose ending naval blockade on Gaza.

9. Daniel Nava hit a grand slam in his first at-bat in the major leagues in a game for Boston opposing Philadelphia, June 12.

10. Obama to write foreword for Nelson Mandela diaries, same publisher for philosophy professor Sandel.

11. I’m grateful to Elton John for meeting with Rush Limbaugh. Elton John was a factor in my
lyncher #3 situation.

12. Azerbaijan had an exhibit featuring Stalin with Winston Churchill.

13. University of Southern California sanctioned with regard to 2004 football title on June 10. NCAA may revoke title.

14. Robert Shrum wrote Ted Kennedy’s speech at the 1980 Democratic convention and he is rallying for Obama now. Shrum is also a graduate of Harvard Law. Along with Susan Estrich, the remaining Kennedy wing is rallying for Obama.


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