We told you so: Weimarization proceeds

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    The approval rating of Congress has hit a 25 year low point at 25%.(1) Two months earlier, the overall approval of the federal government was at 22%, no higher than during Watergate.(2)

    Only 19% of the Amerikan public believes most in Congress should be re-elected.(3)

    I’m having a between-the-lines struggle with Susan Estrich, who is typical of the political class in believing that experience is better. 51% of the political class believes the country benefits from re-electing most of Congress.(3)

    The system in Germany when Hitler took over is referred to as “Weimar Germany.” Something was rotten. Some would say it was too many communists, as the communists were a major party at the time. Others thought the communists fought too hard in armed struggle in the streets or not hard enough. We Marxist-Leninist scientists of the time said it was just inevitable decrepitude of imperialism. A related theory held that Germany had to compete as an imperialist on an especially aggressive basis and its agrarian elite past ended up being a defining feature.

    Today we can test all these theories. If we had 20% unemployment right now the way the West did during the 1930s Depression, we can imagine what would be going on politically based on figures we see now at about 9.7% unemployment.

    To paper over its own Weimar-style ineptitude, the political class tries to sell the story that discontent is just white hatred of a Black president. This is despite the fact that Obama’s approval ratings are double Congress’s rating and higher than Biden’s.(4) What the rabble-hates-the-Black president-but-not-Michael -Jordan, Tiger Woods or Serena Williams line accomplishes is putting distance between an elite and the population.

    It’s an interesting hypothesis, that having a Black president crushed the credibility of the system. It’s just not an hypothesis supported by the facts. Weimar Germany did not have a Black or Jewish president when fascism took over in Germany from the highly disdained mainstream parties.

    Obama’s share of support from white high school grads was higher than Kerry’s. Apparently the labor aristocracy expects Obama to carry out token-style oppression of the global South and he has obliged by attacking Pakistan more and sending more troops to Afghanistan. Obama is thus a great success for individualism. It were as if the labor aristocracy knew it has class interests and did not care what individual carried them out. That is what we would expect when we know that a team needs to put LeBron James on the court to win, regardless of his color.

    Campaigns and court cases lend themselves to fascist scapegoating by people who either don’t know or pretend not to know anything about social reality. Having spoken with thousands of people politically in my life, I met a few that leave one questioning whether they know if all bankers are Jews or not. In other words, for some people, scapegoating in a fascist way is a factual knowledge problem. For others, scapegoating is a general approach.

    Persynally, I’m being criticized in commercials right now for taking a “poetic” approach instead of a “hardball” approach like my fascist and Weimar-loving opponents. I’m being told all kinds of sordid things about my critics and I would not be surprised to see those things leak out in individual-oriented battle played by the Weimar rules. As someone trying to line up international united front support, I try to convince the international players that this campaign/law approach to politics is not good for international relations.

    Alas, story-tellers known as journalists make money from telling the tales of campaigners and lawyers with their focus on selling individuals to the public. The First Amendment also protects those individualists as they drag society through Weimar II. This is the fundamental problem leading to a fascist approach as the antidote from inside the United $tates. What we need instead is a communist dictatorship imposed from outside the United $tates, because the existing political class is unable to bring the international proletariat to bear on government in a substantive sense.

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    4. The closest poll I have seen puts Obama at 45% and Biden at 43%.


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