Did China cave in to Amerikkkans?

Today we have several reports pointing to China’s caving in to Amerikan demands. Senator Schumer from New York, an AIPAC leader warned China about upcoming taxes on trade without revaluation of the Chinese currency. Congress gave China a two weeks deadline.(1)

An accompanying story says that Treasury Secretary Geithner has negotiated benefits from China.(2)

At the same time, we have seen class struggle against Honda reported on a Chinese government website.

There has been an appearance created in the past two months that the United $tates and Britain are willing to report the number of nuclear weapons they have, whereas others have not reported the total of their share of the more than 20,000 nuclear warheads in the world.

The CIA and reformists willing to append themselves to the CIA have created an appearance of working together for nuclear disarmament since the early 1980s. This question may contribute to tension between China and Japan. Disarmament was a big movement question in the United $tates in the early 1980s, with Helen Caldicott a most-often sought speaker.

I have asked for open support of my struggle from parliaments across-the-world. I failed in this bid and diplomacy remains in a metaphorical means of communication.

It also appears that Hollywood seeks to reward anti-Asian racism at this time, and this is something we know the Democratic Party cannot really overcome. The zombies acclimating themselves to unscientific thinking are more concerned with who approves of them than the truth. In that game, celebrities will always be more interesting than MIM discussions of Ponzi schemes and super-profits.

It appears that post-modernism does still resonate with China’s leadership itself, even as it must be aware that Amerika’s reasoning to itself is totally flawed.

Today, there was a report from Soros that the economy is headed into the second phase of crisis. Others have denounced the “suckers’ rally” on Wall Street which parallels the rally in 1930. In this context, it may be that the Keynesians have panicked the Chinese petty-bourgeoisie.

It must be admitted that MIM has no way of meeting with the Chinese or other economic actors to discuss the Keynesians or multiple Hollywood racists privately. In fact, the international united front has allowed my isolation as “terrorist” to continue. I hope China will recognize that I still struggle for my first stage new democratic rights and that others are allowed to travel to Beijing for discussions.

The international proletariat particularly in the occupied Muslim world understands my struggle for first stage rights and why discussion without them is always distorted by horse-trading demands of the state. There will be times when we lose the vacillating petty-bourgeoisie as we undertake our struggle.

Ironically, this would be an excellent time to have a Soviet of China, India, Vietnam, Korea and others, even as none of them believe in it. The economic tasks of the day require an internationalist Politburo based in Mao’s theory of class struggle to manage business issues and avoidance of Western economic traps.


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2. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/world/2010-06/11/c_13344292.htm


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