Iran and the Gaza flotilla

As MIM reported before, it was Obama who proposed a certain deal regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program. Yet against that deal, yesterday the United $tates rigged a vote to back sanctions on Iran.(1) No sooner did Turkey and Brazil talk Iran into Obama’s idea that the next day the United $tates raised sanctions globally.

Intelligent people have to wonder. Maybe Iran traded the sanctions for other UN resolutions. However, Iran’s president says that the West is passing a “one time opportunity” for peace.(2) That is the general outline of what MIM has been saying this past several months with renewed and urgent emphasis–that the United $tates keeps turning down peace deals from developing countries despite having Democrats in power.

The positive steps of Turkey and Brazil relative to the Gaza flotilla incident and Iran’s nuclear power prove MIM’s thesis. The bourgeois rulers of the global South are in better position than the U.$. bourgeoisie, because the Erdogans and Lulas are under pressure at home from a proletariat; whereas, there is no legally residing proletariat in the United $tates.

Only 19% of Amerikans blame the I$raelis for the Gaza flotilla incident in which reports say I$rael killed nine Turks in boarding a ship in international waters, pirate-style. 49% say Palestinians are to blame.(3) It’s probably not true in any survey one could run in the global South.

It goes to show what we have to work with here and why the politics based on the domestic 90% of the population instead of the international 90% of oppressed and exploited is going to fail. Our task is to bring the weight of the international proletariat to bear in the equation, which we cannot do by telling lies pandering to the Amerikkkans. When Obama spent $600 million campaigning in 2008, he did not just pollute Amerikan minds. There is no way to do that. Instead, he launched a global counterrevolution in which people exchanged nice rhetoric and thoughts for actual changes in relations. Obama fooled the international petty-bourgeoisie and a portion of the proletariat into being happy before anything had changed.

The Christian Science Monitor has been enlightening more than usual lately. It understands what is so troubling when Evan Thomas says: “War has a terrible, seductive appeal.”(4)




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