The exception proves the rule: Daniel Ellsberg

For many years we have heard too much about Daniel Ellsberg, an establishment piece of the pseudo-Left of the United $tates. His recent comments to a German publication “Spiegel Online” are the proof that there is no Left in the United $tates: “I voted for him (Obama) and I will probably vote for him again, as opposed to the Republicans.”

The article is titled “Obama deceives the public.” We can conclude only one thing, that Ellsberg “doth protest too much.” Exactly what he is complaining about is why he wants Obama for a second term.

I have received NO reply why the Democrats did not put in Jesse Jackson, Eugene Rivers, Barbara Lee, Charles Rangel, Douglas Wilder or John Conyers.

At the time Ellsberg became famous, self-described white revolutionaries outnumbered paid spies of the U.$. federal government and possibly the federal plus the state governments. That is no longer the case. In other words, there has been further retrogression, but the media only allows “dissent” of the non-radical kind like Ellsberg, the Democrats’ “dissent.”

The time is coming when independent organizations will speak up against Obama and dispense with the Establishment pseudo-Left. It may take a while, but the international factors pushing for a break with the pseudo-left can only grow.


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