Joe Biden: a different opinion

Vice-President Joe Biden just left Egypt and Rafah seems open “indefinitely” according to Egypt.

I agree with the reasons that the Iraqis and Saudis recently shunned Joe Biden. His proposal to partition Iraq was not a high point.

Nonetheless, I learned much of the internals of how U.$. foreign policy works from reading something Biden was saying. In my opinion, Biden may not come up with substance proposals that the rest of the world likes, but he would honor the process more than Obama. He is likely to recognize the cards on the table more clearly than Obama.

If we compare the professional interests of the two men it is clear that Obama made many conscious choices in his life to downplay the significance of international political and class factors. Biden while never winning great popularity became the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

We have to trust the foreign policy professionals including the realists more than the people with conscious reasons for being more purely panderers to the labor aristocracy. That’s not to say that realists can be dealt with easily, not at all. They are also a murderous lot. Yet, when we advance in our understanding to a certain level, we can start to draw distinctions.

Joe Biden is just another Democratic Party imperialist. I explain my opinions here only relative to the bourgeois Liberal cards on the table.


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