Don’t wait for the “New York Times”

The “New York Times” is the leading source of international news from the U.$. imperialists. However, do not wait for the “New York Times” to break my story.

I have explained before that the “New York Times” has engaged in a non-competitive practice against MIM.

There are additional reasons that the “New York Times” prefers to make deals with the Republicans rather than run the story. The most important of the additional reasons is that the “New York Times” does not want to become the story itself. I have not tracked down the following with confirmations, because I was not thinking of the “New York Times” connection when I could have investigated these points.

  • Although I have only had one “date” since 2008, which was really a pseudo-date with lyncher #3, because I knew the female claimed to support Obama (and had political spying reasons and covert motivations for coming to talk to me), I did ask out another female who may have a sister at the New York Times.
  • I may have dated a daughter of a major editor there.
  • It is possible that a distant family friend is working there.

    What I know for sure is that the “New York Times” is deeply connected to my lynching story in three ways it would never want to report. The “don’t become the news” dictum applies not just to CIA agents but also most mainstream reporters in the United $tates. That’s not even to mention that the lead investor in the “New York Times” is in the telecomm business and hence had a self-interest in diplomacy questions of 2008 and how the NYT reported on dire lawsuit threats to the industry. Such stories in addition to influencing diplomacy also raise questions as to whether the outside investor could time business deals to its benefit.

    The telecomm angle is also interesting in that the “New York Times” accesses wiretapping in two of my places of business and my living quarters. That’s not to mention sending people directly but covertly.

    The self-interest of the “New York Times” as an organization is to bury this story with deals involving Republicans if need be. The international proletariat has another interest in bringing pressure to bear on the labor aristocracy distorting international politics. For 9/11 reasons alone, the international proletariat needs a movement to expose Obama and news agencies catering to the Amerikan petty-bourgeoisie.

    Read the follow up article to this one.

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