Aesopian chatter vacillates leftward

What we are seeing in the last month is an increase of Aesopian verbiage against Obama and the lynching. MIM’s influence can be found throughout global media.

The British “Telegraph” just headlined,
“Obama loses the Left: suddenly, it’s cool to bash Barack
Europe still worships him and Washington’s Obamatrons remain smitten, but former supporters are turning on the President, writes Toby Harnden.”(1) Readers can check the “Telegraph” use of “Obamatrons” against our use of Obamautons.

Another writer noted our use of Pavlov without saying so and went on to explain how referees fix things in the professional leagues.(2)

Such references can be found everywhere. However, MIM is concerned that the Third World readers used to reading about Peoples’ War and other insurgencies at MIM’s website may be fooled and even endangered. When a country is full of petty-bourgeois types, each one can have it three different ways and thereby generate many seemingly pro-MIM articles. It can be a smokescreen with which to conduct global warfare. That’s why we say to watch for gains in actual geopolitical relationships, not just rhetoric. An end to imperialist warmongering rhetoric would be nice, but actually the Obama phenomenon and the winking at MIM are just covers without changes in the real world.



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