Zimbabwe and the “Elders”

A group of senior statespeople including former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have drawn attention to Zimbabwe. A lecturer, Tendai Midzi replied from London Metropolitan University.

“Their caution that it would be premature for the country to try to organize new elections until a number of measures have been taken, is also ill-advised. These people do not know anything about the Zimbabwean situation, except through reports they get from so-called ‘human rights organisations’ in Zimbabwe.

. . .

“Archbishop Tutu should look in his backyard to see what exactly is going on, rather than make misinformed statements on Zimbabwe.

“The ‘Elders’ would do us good by criticising the resurgence of racism, Fascism, Apartheid and Nazism in South Africa, than look for glory in criticising a country that is making its own progress.”

Indeed, South Africa has accepted World Cup money from corporations that are backing racist extremism to the hilt. Midzi’s comments come in the context of a global movement against fascism.



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