Japan’s prime minister resigns over failure to close military base

After more than 50 years of Republican Party rule, the Green Party sweeps to power, with the aid of a small Democratic Party splinter–that would be the ideological equivalent of what has happened in Japan’s elections, except that none of Japan’s major parties are as crazy militarist as the U.$. Democrats and Republicans.

Thanks to oblivious Amerikkkan racists, after 9 months the new prime minister Yukio Hatoyama had to resign without achieving his platform promise of removing a U.$. military base, Futenma on Okinawa. I should not have to spell it out, but there is no critical mass of people capable of seeing what is happening otherwise. Prime Minister Hatoyama had promised in his campaign to remove the base and the Japanese people have a greater sense of honor than Amerikan voters, so Hatoyama’s failure to deliver cost him and his party.

Though we often hear more about U.$. troops in Korea, there are more U.$. troops in Japan–47,000.(1) With the Six Party talks regarding northern Korea going on in northeast Asia between 2007 and 2008, the Japanese people had reason to believe if they made a step forward toward relaxing tensions, then others in the region would also. The election of racist extremists in hock to the Pentagon dashed the hopes of the Japanese people to cut back on wasteful U.$. militarism, that the Japanese have to pay for in part.

We are fortunate that despite Japan’s huge petty-bourgeois population, there is still some resentment in Japan regarding U.$. bases. If there were not, it would make the task of realigning northeast Asia more difficult. MIM supports the various complaints of the Japanese people in the press.

The new prime minister Naoto Kan came in on June 4.(2)

There is another ruler that promised to close a certain military base, and he had more than 9 months to do it. He should also resign.

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