What were they thinking? MIM consistency

Christianity & fascism versus behaviorism

We often hear that “Jesus died for your sins.” Oddly enough, it’s not far from that to the fascist idea of Mussolini’s that war improves the species. Hitler added the idea of lynching the non-Aryans to improve race purity that would supposedly ensure progress by keeping undesirables away from Aryan females.

In contrast, more than 15 years ago, MIM published MIM Theory 2/3 and called for the abolition of psychology and the support of behaviorism. A nice review of behaviorism is available here.

Readers may recall Pavlov’s dog as an important piece of behaviorism. While Stalin was alive and after under phony communist control, International Publishers said that behaviorism was the Marxist approach to psychology. One can read an article about the connection to Marxism here. I am still here and still supporting the same line in favor of behaviorism.

Ironically, my lyncher’s handler agrees with me on Pavlov’s dog and behaviorism. Yet we have to ask the Democratic Party what it means to reward a lynching with the presidency, coattails in Congress and a healthcare bill. There are only two possible answers. Those in favor want to reward lynching to create more lynching, by using the largest possible rewards. Those opposed to lynching want to punish lynching to decrease it in the future. Hence, there is fascist behaviorism and there is Marxist behaviorism.

For more than 25 years I have been with the struggle of prisoners in this world-leading prison-state. I did not come this far to give in to ad hominem, red herring and post-hoc irrationality that I know is affecting the lumpen on a daily basis. Let the Democrats expose themselves along these lines, as infiltrated by fascists.

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