What it means there is no new Black president: warmongering

Jesse Jackson, Eugene Rivers, Barbara Lee, Charles Rangel, Douglas Wilder and John Conyers–the fact that there is no new Black president is indicative of the Democratic Party and comes in a context of Obama administration rejection of peace overtures over the last six months.

The media fails to report the vast majority of peace overtures rejected by the Democratic Party, but the flaws of any of the above candidates are not worth the death of a single soldier or civilian.

If the Democrats needed to make a deal with Republicans to pass some further legislation, there are right-wing Blacks to consider as well.

As of today’s “Huffington Post” and “Real Clear Politics” we see that the rap on the Democratic Party is true. It’s not a party and it can’t govern. There is far too large an assortment of egotist careerists working for their individual utility, including pivotal fascist infiltrators who have seized control.

Nor is this a question of just a huge Third World peace package turned down as I reported months ago. It’s also a question of method, of avoiding post-modernism and Weimar-style decadence.

I have done what I can with the Democrats. The Republicans could act at any time. Abbas has had some gains from my struggle, but in the future we have to look to players other than me. People wondering about bourgeois Asian-Amerikan issues can look at Jindal. Romney or Palin may win the nomination, but even if Jindal loses he could end up in the VP slot.

I am watching for international parliamentary action. Barring that, we can assume that the Democrats have successfully blocked the international peace package being offered to the United $tates. Democrats and Repubicans will go at it, but it will not be me spreading chatter that misleads the Third World about warmongering intentions by the United $tates. I see no attachment to reality sufficient for anyone to make a deal with the united $tates on the terms it demands.

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