Daily update

1. Baseball standings have changed quickly. Philadelphia coughed up a big lead and now Atlanta is in front. Tampa Bay has lost two in a row. Minnesota has won five in a row.

2. Sarah Ferguson tells Oprah about getting caught in a media sting, admits she was drinking.

3. Without saying so, Ann Coulter rebuts me on credit for enforcement of civil rights laws in her May 26, 2010 column.

4. Ann Coulter mentions the Cold War and abortion, which reminds me that I saw another big metaphorical assertion on that question in an East Asian paper recently–about an ex-girlfriend before the persyn I call lyncher number one.

It’s a question of how many totally improbable things have to happen before one realizes one is fatuous in a racist way.

5. ESPN is running an ad on Robben Island for the soccer World Cup starting June 11 in South Africa.

6. Japanese Prime Minister under fire in his own party, cabinet for failure on promises regarding Okinawa. Approval rating hits 17%.
Oblivious Amerikkkans.

7. John Conyers speaks against the wars in “Huffington Post.”

8. Fabio Capello will choose England’s World Cup team to play in South Africa.


Capello has the same line as the original MIM against sexual musical chairs within the team. He punishes team members accordingly.

9. Robert Reich reports on BP

Various people would like the international united front to know that efforts are under way diplomatically.

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