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British press shows strain

June 29, 2010

The rumors of the past two weeks have strained the British press, most notably in connection to whether the commitment of troops to Afghanistan will go a long time. Other rumors are even wilder.

I have to back off my relative endorsement of the British media at this time, because we’re seeing divergences we’re used to seeing in the I$raeli/Palestinian media.

It’s clear that the pre-scientific intelligentsia (Harper’s, New York Times) is trying to swing some deals with the Republican Party without saying so in public. That may be the underlying reason for the confusion.


Class polarization thesis trashed again

June 26, 2010

Gus Hall, Saul Alinsky and Bob Avakian said that the progressives should base themselves in the Democratic Party and seek to bring about a class polarization in the United $tates. Their underlying assumption was that there is an exploited working class to mobilize.

In contrast, we hold there is no proletariat within the United $tates with legal working rights. There is a lumpenproletariat that has grown under both Democratic and Republican rule in recent decades.

Gallup reported today that in the midst of this economic crisis Amerikans have become more conservative, with the gap between conservatives and moderates plus liberals spiking toward the conservative direction. This fact kills the class polarization thesis of the Alinskyites.

We should have known the result in advance by how the public responded to the idea of government bailouts. There was no great proletarian uprising to takeover losing corporations. There were only utility-maximizing individuals undermining larger institutions with corruption. In fact, liberal Democrats are the preferred headquarters of organized crime. On the East Coast, we have an easy coalition of Zionists, organized crime and pseudo-communists in the big tent of the Democratic Party.

There is no benefit to the international proletariat of the distinction between liberals and conservatives, because the distinction has no useful national or class basis. It’s a liberal president who expanded the wars in Afghanistan and started one in Pakistan.


Venezuela moves against U.$. oil rigs

June 26, 2010

Within the United $tates, we have no reason to believe that Amerikans’ nationalizing the Gulf oil rigs of BP or other oil giants would accomplish anything. There is no proletariat fired up with socialist aspirations in the united $tates. If anything petty-bourgeois government employees have less motivation to work correctly than petty-bourgeois oil rig employees who may have stock incentives with BP.

However, an Iranian takeover would be a different matter. Iran has offered repeatedly to take care of the problem with the BP rig.(1)

Another good candidate would be Venezuela. If people in Venezuela say they are interested in socialism, we believe them; whereas, it’s important not to believe Amerikans saying there is a proletariat for socialism.

Venezuela is moving against some U.$. oil rigs in Venezuela.(2) We hope the exploited of Venezuela figure out how to run the oil rigs and move directly to socialism. Then they can help takeover Amerikan rigs too.


Chinese currency tensions caused by inaccurate view of U.$. class structure

June 26, 2010

The inaccurate views and obstinate beliefs of the left-wing of parasitism are contributing to economic tension with China. The U.S. Congress delivered an ultimatum to China to raise the value of its currency relative to the dollar. It’s now about 6.8 Chinese yuan for one Amerikan dollar. With a 15 or 20% increase, it would be about 5.X yuan to the dollar instead.

China did cave in to the ultimatum by the U.S. Congress.(1) Now there is a struggle to see how far China will go to meet U.$. demands. At least one article by the official Chinese government press says there will be no one-time boost.(2)

Fortunately, the European Union is China’s largest trade partner, with ASEAN third and Japan fourth. Xinhuanet figures indicate that the U.$. role in China’s trade is shrinking relatively speaking as the role of other regions grows faster.

On June 24th, China responded to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke by saying there is no big need for a large revaluation of the Chinese currency. China’s Foreign Ministry official Qin Gang said the same thing Japan said in the 1980s: “‘The appreciation of the yuan will neither root out the U.S. trade deficit to China nor solve the low U.S. savings rate or unemployment.'”(3)

By the late 1980s it had become clear that Japanese automakers had beaten U.$. automakers and the move toward exotic SUVs and pick-up trucks was how the U.$. automakers remained in business at all. These larger vehicles contributed to ruining the environment more than compact and medium-size cars–another example of how racism and national chauvinism contribute to environmental problems. With the increased use of gasoline that we would not see with more Toyotas and Hondas on the road, the United $tates had to turn to increased deep-sea drilling as we see in the Gulf of Mexico right now.

With Gorbachev receiving higher public approval ratings than Reagan in the United $tates, Japan moved up in polls of global enemies to become the number one most hated country in the United $tates for a brief period. The mood arose from trade protectionism at its root.

Japan answered the same as China does now, that no matter what trade policies were in place, the United $tates will have a trade deficit because it’s a deficit spender on a habitual basis. In other words, if two people trade with each other but one only uses cash and the other uses cash plus credit cards, there is going to be a difference caused by the credit card spending, not policies between friends.

Despite 25 years of losing arguments to MIM, the CP=U$A and R¢P=CIA and such organizations do not change. They receive support from “labor” unions and the Kennedys for example and won’t ever accept that MIM has been correct the whole time. Quite the contrary, the racist extremists mobilized a lynching conspiracy to shut down our website, the website with the leading traffic of any communist party website in the West. With the United $tates shutting down websites that criticize Amerikkkan nationalist falsehoods, it’s little wonder that trade tensions continue.

The trade tensions have continued so that AIPAC leader New York Senator, Democrat Charles Schumer has threatened tariffs on Chinese products if China does not increase the value of its currency against the U.$. dollar.(4) On June 24, Schumer and other senators issued their threat to pass the tariffs on U.$. goods.

It is true that I$rael needs to rebalance its relationship with Asia. This is an interest I$rael has, but Schumer’s road is to attempt to prevent Palestinian aspirations through a trade war that could set off a depression. MIM’s road is for the senators to give up their reactionary dreams against Palestinian self-determination. The people who issued military leaks thereby going to military repression of civilian media contributed to shutdown of the MIM website.

Either way, whether Schumer gets his way or MIM gets its way, the U.$. ability to impose its will on behalf of I$rael will decline. The difference is that MIM’s road forward has the greatest possibility of preventing the deepening of economic crisis.

Schumer’s threats lack credibility. There is no reason to go running to Obama on account of these trade threats. If enacted, they would be ridiculous and damage the U.$. economy more than the rest of the world.

The pilgrims who shut down our website could not be more clearly allied with AIPAC.

Failure to understand the U.$. class structure accurately is the specialty of Democrats and their pseudo-communist appendages. The left-wing of parasitism fans resentments and economic scapegoating which fascist infiltrators easily capitalize on.

There is only one country in the world large enough to distort the global economy and also exploiting the world so uniquely that the media could make the repeated mistake of blaming the rest of the world for its problems, and that it is the United $tates. Instead of imposing Ponzified Amerikan fantasies on the rest of the world, it would be much easier to impose the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations on the united $tates.

See also MIM’s article on the trade deficit and the Economic Report of the President in 2009


Television networks join in-between the lines struggle

June 24, 2010

I do not watch much television, but at the moment we are down to one network organizing mafia style threats against my ex-girlfriends for the benefit of Obama. There is another network that finds interesting material to create television from, including sarcastic material. The rest of the networks are not running terribly negative material.

For those who can follow who is making attacks on me and who is drawing the benefit, I have a web page about the scouring of my persynal life by people who cannot admit when they’ve lost an argument. A lynching conspiracy helped elect Obama president.

Golden rule internationalism and suicide bombing

June 24, 2010

Folklore has it that Jesus Christ was a Jew and his second coming is due to liberate the people of Palestine. 41% of Amerikans believe that Jesus will show up again and be known by 2050.(1)

Noam Chomsky fits the bill. MIM has spoken of his Golden Rule internationalism before. “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself” is Chomsky’s implicit version of internationalism. For most questions of imperialist oppression, Chomsky’s approximation of internationalism is fine by MIM.

I have persynally witnessed Chomsky formally cast out of the Jewish community by fellow Jews for his remarks on Palestine at a Brandeis University speech. I$rael also prevented him from entering and making a speech recently.

At MIM, we say that internationalism emerges better from scientific practice than the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule may work with many people to approximate a correct path forward, but there are always the cases of people we would not want to give that much trust.

For example, in World War II, Germans could have decided to suicide bomb the Jews to death, in a total genocide. There is nothing in the Golden Rule against that. Hence, it would be better to go more deeply into social questions and see if we can find a better path than the Golden Rule.

The response to genocide becomes a competitive fascism or nationalism or Liberalism. Competitive fascism would just be “no, we will suicide bomb you to death first.” Another approach would be to keep the golden rule but say it only applies within the chosen nation, Aryan or Jew for example. Finally, Liberalism with its double standards or multi-standards is another way to fudge the issue.

The beauty of the Golden Rule is that it applied to the whole planet. It also has an inherent Protestant spin, because it eliminates the church hierarchy in making decisions.

For MIM, there is no “Islamo-fascism” yet, because of class issues. There is no Islamic imperialism. Germany and Italy had reached the finance stage of capitalism so bedeviling the planet right now with its derivatives, currency speculation and Ponzi schemes. It would not be an Iran causing a Great Depression, but no one doubts that the United $tates is of that economic nature where it could cause a global depression. Even little Switzerland or Luxembourg with their banks could cause a global collapse. Recently, Hillary Clinton was also right in pointing out the threat to the entire planet by global warming, which may end up killing far more people than World War II.

Scientific internationalism emerges from scientific practice. We cannot have counts that vary by nation or other subjective boundary. So if a ton of carbon goes into the atmosphere in the United $tates it has to count equally as a ton in Switzerland. If local customs cause a scientist to count the Swiss ton as two tons strictly for Amerikkkan nationalist reasons, then science goes out the window. We also won’t be able to tell what methods work best for reducing carbon emissions without scientific internationalism. What we want to do is measure emissions per capita to come to a global standard.

In another article, I showed that the Amerikkkan neo-conservatives have written entire books saying that children born out-of-wedlock is the number one issue of Amerika. In both Korea and Iran, the out-of-wedlock birth rate would be around 1% compared with the U.$. 40% rate. Yet it is Iran that the same neo-conservatives have called for attacks on.

If out-of-wedlock births is the issue, then neo-conservatives would be better off having Iran impose its culture on the United $tates than the other way around. The only way out is to count every Iranian out-of-wedlock birth as 50 out-of-wedlock births, a nationalist distortion of the facts. So that’s why I say internationalism flows from scientific practice, scientific integrity.

I’ve already discussed how “hypocrisy” is an over-used concept unfit for scientific usage. It drifted far from its original usage. We should not refer to the neo-conservatives as “hypocrites” for wanting to attack Iran while having a higher out-of-wedlock birthrate in the United $tates. Rather we say the neo-conservatives are unscientific, self-contradicting and lacking in internationalism.

If we listen carefully to fascists, they will say “good, science and internationalism are not desirable.” In the end, we would say that Chomsky is as far left as one can go within the left-wing of parasitism. I have not seen him take up scientific work on class, and without that it’s pretty hard to be a real left-winger. Even on a pre-Marxist basis, I have not seen the left-wing of parasitism acknowledge the meaning of the U.$. trade deficits or government deficits run decades at a time. This resistance to Marxist science on labor appropriation and accumulation is fatal to leftist advance.

Noam Chomsky is also famous for opposing behaviorism.
I recently wrote how psychology distracts too many people and creates openings for fascism. The irrationality of ad hominem thought pervades Amerika and so we need more Pavlov and behaviorism.

Instead of concepts like the Golden Rule or “hypocrisy,” we should choose the communist goal of harmony and measure progress toward it. Readers will notice that when I argued with neo-conservatives, I did not have to question their goal, as long as it was not a nationalist or other parochial goal–something like the Aryan idea or an inaccessible spiritual idea. The neo-conservatives have argued that without intact families, children will be out of discipline; education standards will fall and crime will increase. We can take that idea and say “fine, then the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations is what you want; help MIM impose it.” Less Hollywood and U.$. media and more Egypt would do the trick.

I did not argue pre-scientifically with the neo-conservatives on why they placed so much emphasis on out-of-wedlock births. “God, family and country” have been conservative mantras for centuries now. I just asked “if that’s your goal, why do you neo-conservatives want to attack Iran?”

At the moment, class overlaps with nation in dangerous ways. The way out is for the imperialist nations to surrender. They are the 10% against the global 90%. Even with the Golden Rule we cannot rule out suicide bombing, so we need to go into the causes of violence.


Racism and the question of Jacobin virtue in lyncher #1

June 22, 2010

Just a quick note–some believe that because my lyncher number one was working to protect the Democratic Party from the radicalism of MIM, she exhibited “virtue.” That is the overarching problem, that people will do anything to support the Democratic Party, and that the Democratic Party has great racist extremism going on.

Thus a shoving incident involving Young Mi Kim counts against Republican Meg Whitman,(1) while the Democrats do not report the much more serious activity involving lynching to obtain the presidency, coattails in Congress and the healthcare bill. Meg Whitman is not going to obtain the governorship by shoving any Kims. She is being punished for it publicly. Obama has rewarded lynching on a huge scale, so huge that it is guaranteed to generate many future lynchings.

There is an additional issue with my lyncher #1 in that some people act as if it were a successful third party infiltration gambit, and thus not just MIM but my lyncher has Jacobin virtue. However, the infiltration was not successful. It’s just the wishfulness of racist Democrats asserting otherwise. To have a successful infiltration gambit and not just another link into the system where people end up in hock to the people one is allegedly fighting, the following must be true.

  • The opposing campaign party must not know.
  • The opposing secret services must not be involved or know.
  • The mafia must not get involved and make use of the infiltration to weave its own story.

    If these conditions do not apply, one ends up in hock to the people who know what is happening.

    The “CP=U$A” and “RCP=CIA” would like to believe that the infiltration involved a foreign secret service and that the job was successful. The “CP” supports Obama openly and the “RCP” only covertly, but they both tend to believe what they wish were true instead of what actually happened.

    The following was in fact the case.

  • Republican campaign writers already addressed the gambit in-between-the-lines in their publications by the late 1990s.
  • The CIA was on the scene immediately before and after the lynching.
  • My lyncher #1 was linked to various military intelligence people.
  • I showed the lynch mob years before 2008’s campaign that these intelligence penetrations had in fact happened.

    That’s to leave aside that to even entertain the Avakian-CP thesis, one has to put aside all surface appearances in which the whole thing was a U.$. federal government counter-terrorism operation.

    At this point, the CIA has demonstrated to me that it knows more about my ex-girlfriends than I do. People living in denial of the spy-prison-state that the United $tates is would like to believe that I lived in free conditions and that some racist extremist could come along and lynch me and herself into office. It was not like that. The Kremlin has been so decent as to acknowledge that at the very least the CIA was on the scene before and after the lynching. Others have raised the question of the military intelligence people in-between. In practice, the Kremlin and those honest about military intelligence are closer to being Leninist than these “CP” and “RCP” types mouthing obeisance to Lenin but in practice in denial about the extent of the state and its abuses.

    The idea that one could be politically quarter-assed and carry out a lynching gambit like this in any Jacobin fashion is ludicrous but appealing to those who do not want to do the hard work of political organizing. Just accuse someone and wait 20 years for a reward–much easier.


  • “New York Times” update: more on the problem of politics as art

    June 21, 2010

    I received a sign confirming my suspicion that I dated the daughter of a major “New York Times” editor. Readers will recall that I posted the article with some items that were not confirmed. I do that because the U.$. government has isolated me with insinuations of “terrorist,” “rapist” and “pedophile.” My posting of the facts did in fact allow for community confirmation and that is what I received.

    One may ask what journalism by mafia-style sign language is worth. This is a problem in dealing with people who communicate via metaphor on a regular basis in racist networks, so it’s a good question. There is often not much good content in U.$. journalism.

    Our approach to journalism is different. We see our task in journalism as uprooting the unaccountable chauvinist network in Amerikkkan journalism. It does not matter if the journalists involved are female, Black or of whatever “non-white-male” background: if they’re involved in Aesopian networks, they’re involved in unaccountable oppression, as tokens if they are not white males.

    Obstacles to our success include the fact that many federal government press releases are worse than worthless. The Aesopian class then argues that it is better to talk to people allowed to use masks, because behind a mask, various sources might give one the truth to follow or check into.

    As we argued long before, MIM starts its reporting from what bourgeois sociologist Emile Durkheim called the “social facts.” In other words, our approach should be rooted in patterns of fact about the entire society, not a fascination with art and metaphor. Individual cases or stories should be about patterns of fact.

    It used to be scandalous for Maoists to say “art is political.” However, we in the rich countries long ago passed that point to where we now have “politics is art.” It is that sort of decadence where chauvinism via sign language occurs.

    In “New York City” we have a rough style of borough politics encompassed in the term “Black-Jewish dialogue” and “starving artists,” say in southeastern Manhattan. Stitching together a coalition to rule New York City might involve obtaining grants for the white “poor” artists and ironing out the “Black-Jewish dialogue.”

    Whatever objections one might have to New York City coalitions, the real problem arises when New York City is taken as a microcosm of the world, instead of South Africa. New York City’s budget is bolstered by taxes on Wall Street. New York City has to come up with a constant stream of reasons for handing out super-profits within New York City. Thus, the left-wing of parasitism frequently speaks as if the section of New York City consisting of “starving artists” were really poor people as exist in South Africa’s majority. It’s an utter falsehood lacking in internationalist perspective, something we see as we speak with Africans mobilizing at the World Cup 2010 for Western aid in the AIDS crisis. However, what ends up happening is the “starving artists” in turn influence New York politics in order to justify super-profit redistribution as it is. Instead of a real proletariat to work with, the artists themselves become the social vehicle of change. To counter the negative effects of such a reality, we urge artists to a more internationalist perspective rooted in social fact.

    The social question that involves the editor’s daughter is my factual contention that far from being a free country, in the United $tates, spies outnumber total social science PhDs minted since the late 1970s. Then we look into what the implications of that are, and it turns out that for men like myself interested in international subjects there is a pattern of female spying. U.$. academia’s vaunted independence from the government is not what it is cracked up to be.

    Female spying is triply taboo as a subject. First, it’s taboo, because confirming it or not confirming it would involve getting the FBI and CIA to admit things they do not admit as a question of policy. Secondly, female spying is taboo, because raising the topic thoroughly might raise whether males also sleep with females to spy on females, something society finds more objectionable. And, if males do not sleep with females as often to spy, that then raises another topic of inequality as to why or why not females are worth spying on. Finally, the subject is taboo, because the current fad in academia is post-modernism, a common version of which is that whatever the female or “worker” says is true. There is no such thing as a “bitch” in this political correctness ruling discourse, because Amerikkkan females are exemplary specimens of the Aryan race or somehow secretly living in perfect anarchist utopia when we males are not looking. Hence, ongoing hate crimes by females do not end up exposed, ever.

    Then to illustrate this social pattern of spying and extortion, we can go back and look at who I was dating and who my colleagues and teachers in school were. In this respect, though there is much relevant KKK custom to prevent an investigation from ever happening, it has to be pointed out that the media does have a profit interest in my sex life as opposed to Elena Kagan’s. The taboo on uncovering evil in female spying does not completely outweigh the benefits of pornography.

    Elena Kagan is also middle-aged and single like myself. As a female writer pointed out in-between-the-lines, my sex life is of vastly greater interest to the media than Kagan’s. No one has nailed down that Elena Kagan has been totally asexual in life, but her prior partners have not evoked interest; even though, she is a Supreme Court nominee and I am just a pundit.

    To be blunt about this, some of my prior partners could have appeared on magazine covers. Heterosexual males except for Brad Pitt don’t sell. So we should be clear that the inordinate interest in digging out my sex life in the midst of an ongoing hate crime is not just racist but also sexist. It’s again on account of what interests the media about females, and it’s their looks, not their sense of right and wrong. The naive females supporting post-modernism in academia do not understand that it is male sexual fantasy that requires females be unencumbered by questions of right and wrong. That is the real objectification we need to oppose, not Janet Jackson’s nipple at the Superbowl.

    Then we turn around and ask the question can the media handle this kind of question or is it covered up in a fashion worse than anything we ever heard about the Kremlin. The “New York Times” is the country’s leading source of international news; yet, before it started making insinuations between-the-lines about me starting at least five years ago, it was already too intertwined with the hate crime to be able to report it accurately.

    It appears that thus far the “New York Times” explanation for its most major role in my lynching is that those events were “off the record.” So though the “New York Times” was involved in the hate crime attack on me that is ongoing as we speak, I as a journalist will not get them on record is what they are saying. After all, the cabinet and other senior federal officials also frequently speak “off the record.”

    The policy at the “New York Times” and most corporate news outlets comes under pressure from the idea “not to make the news.” In this regard, foreign journalists and Internet bloggers can play a relatively positive role.

    Fables roil Korea

    June 17, 2010

    There is a dispute over the sinking of a southern Korean boat, the Cheonan. Northern Korea is fending off charges that it sank the boat with a torpedo in what would be one of the most serious acts of war since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

    “But North Korea’s ambassador disputed the international findings, comparing them to ‘some kind of fiction in Aesop’s Fables.’

    “‘The ‘investigation result’ is a complete fabrication from A to Z,’ he said.”


    United front update

    June 17, 2010

    Rumor has it that the united front has suffered a setback. The stance of some developing countries and imperialist countries that Clinton is more of a problem than Obama caused some dilly-dallying. This in turn has caused a setback in Mideast diplomacy.

    We have explained that we expected this difficulty all along, because of illusions spread by advertising campaigns for the Democrats. Now Obama and the FBI are giving Clinton what she wants, in order to setback Palestinian diplomacy, again.

    As usual the setback comes with the organization of a slander campaign.