The Zombie and the Shark

There are at least three commercials in play at the moment on the theme of zombies and sharks. Windows 7 and Dell are among the sponsors.

The commercials draw an analogy of a little fish attaching underneath the side of shark to suck for a living. In this case, the zombie attempts to latch onto a man-eating shark. When the commercial ends someone says the zombie “doesn’t seem so dead anymore.”

The Zombie is Obama who latched a ride into the White House with a man-eater, my lyncher #1. MIM’s zombies page is the inspiration for the zombies. The commercials do an excellent job of encapsulating the parasitism of the “R¢P.”

You can find two of the commercials on Youtube

Now there are counter-movies on the zombie theme by zombies themselves. An organization that initially promised to work on the Ward Churchill case with MIM and backed off after RCP lynchmob action is among those supporting zombie movies and also has strong ties to Elena Kagan. (There is nothing direct enough for us to attack, so this can’t be taken as criticism of her nomination.)

Some corporations were ready to throw in the towel when the economic crisis hit–Chrysler, GM & Bank of America. Handouts from a fascist bailout were just swell. Companies still in the younger stage with the original entrepreneurs still alive have taken a more critical view of the Obama phenomenon.


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